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Xbox One X support?

Hello, love the lush visuals in the game, and currently have it set for Switch. But with the delay, there was an option to change our version again. Before I do, is there any opportunity for XB1X to be supported in 4K or higher resolutions? I tried the beta on Mac, and it looks incredible at 4K :slight_smile: If there is even a chance of that occurring for XB1 or PS4 for XB1X or PS4 Pro, I might consider switching to XB.

Can’t wait for the launch either way, game looks beautiful!

Good question! Officially there’s not a set plan. Unofficially, we’d love to work on 4k support for XB1X and even PS4 Pro. That’d be a matter of wiggling in some time, and working things out with our fine folks at THQNordic.

It’s on our radar, but probably couldn’t give you a solid answer in time to spare you to the tough decision :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

Now that the Xbox One X is out, I’d like to know if (officially or “unofficially”) your plan has evolved since your last answer.

I’d love to play the game with even better visuals

We’ve been exploring some options and definitely plan to support it. Only a matter of when. The Switch is our first priority right now, but we think the 1X version will look and run pretty sweet!

I’ve just upgraded to an XB1X and honestly it’s a thing of beauty! EVERYTHING runs better, loads faster, looks smoother. Microsoft really have done well here!

Do I need to change my mind? I actually opted for a switch physical version as I’ve found the mobility of the switch for gaming to be a god send with my working life; I might just have to pick up myself an xbox version if you guys are looking to support the XB1X!
great job once again here devs - also good to see the Switch is your first priority! :ok_hand:

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Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
I’ve played yesterday and I had the feeling that the game was already better… the loadings were so fast ahah

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