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Xbox one Tolkas Battle arena lvl 17 stuck

I just completed a legendary run on deadwatch. decided to take my 19 level characters to tolkas arena and do lvl 17 run. When I select the battle for lvl 17 the 3 skulled logo with the word combo come up and thats it. the loading bar is full but it just sits there.

the fire eyes animation is still running and so is the flash effect on the load bar but ti just sits there on full never goes to the battle. Wouldnt call it a freeze since animations are still running. tried multiple times. Going to play through game and come back to see if ti works later but thats how it is currently

UPDATE: So I ran around the moor killing stuff and eventually went back and it worked. I couldn’t kill the final boss fast enough. took a break to do some treasure finding on the world map. rested and went back with different heroes to try again and it started doing the same thing again.