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Xbox One Slim Bugs (Battle Chasers Nightwar)

Hi fellas, first time posting here. I´m playing Battle Chasers Nightwar on Xbox One S and unfortunately I found some annoying bugs. Sorry if somewhere this is already posted, but here we go with my findings:

  • The option to set TV screen area does not save the setting. Have to set it everytime, since the borders doesn´t match my tv. Exit the game, setting is lost.

  • Random big load times before battles, specially the first battle after game start/load.

  • Lag and low framerate at dungeons with high scenario details and many enemies at same time.

  • Some bizarre enemy behavior, like once when a lycant was above a tree, and I could not reach to defeat him and so could not fishing at place because the game said fishing was not allowing since enemies were around…of course there was one glitched and freezed high on tree.

  • Bizarre difficult variations. The game indeed makes you to evolve in order to make it forward, but sometimes is bizarre to an enemy at same level or lower reaping off half of hp with one ordinary move. And yes, with best acessories, weapons and armors at time equipped. Game becomes then grinding and unfair easily, even if still very enjoyable and fun.

So fellas, overall, good game…but these issues are negative points needing fixes. In fact I think the game, at least for Xone needs some polishing and bug fixing as well, of course.

So, nothing from devs? What´s the point of posting if no one replies? :man_shrugging:

There is a big patch coming for ps4/xbox within the next month, hopefully by May 15th at the latest. If it will resolve your issues completely, unfortunately I can’t say.

Thanks for the reply. Maybe the most annoying thing is the tv screen area seeting. Like I said, it does not save.

Maybe nobody replies because most of the things you mentioned are issues that everybody knows already and have nothing to do with the Xbox One Slim, sometimes you might want to read some topics before posting.

If I were you I would only have asked about the tv settings and named the topic something like, ’ my tv screen settings keep resetting’ , since all the other issues will be fixed in the update if I’m not mistaken.

First of all, despite of Xbox One or any other platform, BCN is one of the most glitched, buggy and problematic games I´ve ever played. In other times, the game would be just destroyed by criticism but nowdays with the lack of jrpg style, any fresh perspectives are welcome. You said about issues everybody knows and to be fixed in next update…but if is something well known, why is not yet fixed? We are talking about aged glitches since the game was launched in october 2017 with zero day bugs, and we are on april 2018 with some of them still unsolved. So let´s keep the things clear…I pay for a product, the product has problems and I just reported the problems I found.

Plus I have read the topics and even so I had the feel of posting myself giving my point of view. Whats the matter on that?

You were ‘complaining’ about the lack of a reply, and my response was to that. Feel free to post your findings, ofcourse. But I get why devs wont reply to things that have already been answered to and explained in other topics. So my advice was posting something that would standout and didn’t seem to be discussed before, in order to have a bigger chance for a reply. Also feel free to intrerpret this as negatively (or positively) as you like.

As for your latest reply, I have had most of the bugs you mentioned and they didn’t bother me at all, so I feel you are overstating things a bit, but to each his or her own opionion ofcourse.
Patches/updates and such sadly take a lot longer than we all would wish, if you have played many games, you would know this.

I hope this clarifies things a bit.