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XBOX ONE - Game Freezes Before Final Battle

Hey there.
Absolutely love the game, been enjoying it all the way through on my Xbox One S!

However, after completing the Mana Rifts, equipping all the costumes and crafting all of the Ultimate weapons, I ran into a showstopping bug just before the final battle.

After I enter the Night’s Keep exploration area, I can explore and move through normally, until I reach the door where Gully and Monika have a bit of dialogue. After I pass through this door and reach the balcony at the end of the hallway, character control is disabled and the camera shifts as if to show off a boss or interactive story object - there is an empty coffin visible below, but no enemies or anything else.

When the camera returns to the neutral position, background animation stops and I cannot move the character or open any menus. The whole app appears frozen, though the background music continues to play. I cannot progress any further, reload my game or anything else.

If I exit to Xbox Home and attempt to launch another app at this point, the whole console crashes and turns off.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

I was really looking forward to completing the storyline but it appears I can’t with this occurring.
Any help would be appreciated!


It looks like the alternate costumes were the cause - I switched all the party members back to their default costumes and the cut scene played and I was able to face the final boss.