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Xbox heroic dungeons, and crafting working properly?

I finally got Knolan and to test him out I went back to the first dungeon to do it on a harder difficulty. I two hit everything and immediately went back to redo it again on the hardest difficulty with the same results. Has anyone else noticed this? From what i can tell, the difficulty is not increasing at all. I assumed heroic in any dungeon would be something you could only complete end game.
Also while doing this I tested the crafting system. Has crafting been worth it for anyone? I made a couple items with way too much extra material hoping to get something epic but each time it was worse than what I already had.

The heroic and legendary difficulties are hader than the normal versions but typically not as hard as the next dungeon. For crafting, be sure to buy recipes from vendors to keep your recipes relevant. They can be more powerful than anything you buy or find since you can guarantee that they will be epic with some investment