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(XB1) Arena Won't Load - post Xbox One update/patch

Saw other topics, but didn’t see one for XB, after the update. Since the recent patch on XB1, I haven’t been able to load the Arena. The rest of the game seems to work fine though. Prior to the update, the Arena loaded without issue.
Tried clearing the HD cache, but didn’t make a difference. Seems to stop loading when the screen tries to ‘shatter’. The skull flames continue to animate, but never loads to the 1st Arena fight.
On an original XB1 (not S or X).

Hey, @CanaaniteX!
We’re very sorry about this; this is a bug that we have fixed, but the fix has not made it to the Xbox One patch yet.
We’re working on the next patch for Xbox One now.

A workaround people have reported working is fighting a single enemy in the world map before trying to access the Arena. Hopefully this helps.

Great. Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep an eye out.