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[Windows/Mac] (Steam) Patch Notes for Build 23731

Hey, everyone!

A ~200 MB patch was just pushed to live and Experimental this morning. The changes are as follows:

  • Minor asset loading fixes
  • Minor UI fix for Dungeon Entrance screen
  • Fixed an issue in Low Quality settings for Banog Cave and Deadwatch interactables
  • Added a feature to replay video cutscenes you’ve already scene in the game. From your save profile, go to Extras->Cutscenes

The latest build will also be going up on GOG, hopefully by the end of the day!

Additionally, more Linux news on the way!

I’ve come across this bug recently. I started playing the game on 4/8/2018. I played it up till I needed to enter Banog Cave and ever time I enter the cave it just takes me back to the Overworld ever time I walk. Can this be fixed?

Hey, @BenWood!
Do you have a video of this occurring? It’d help us to see the issue and get an idea for how this might be occurring.

Okay here’s the video. ​​

Hey, @BenWood!

If you uploaded the video via email, I don’t think that took. You might want to upload it to Youtube or Dropbox and post a link here!

Okay so I just shared the video with you through drop box. Tell me if you got it.