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Windows 10 PC - Crash on startup - BC.EXE has stopped working


I’ve been playing this game for around 20 hours and this issue happened twice and I was able to start up using Safe mode but now both options don’t work.

The game crashes upon startup when you see the THQNORDIC.

It usually happens around the same time the little message for the Steam Community pops up in the bottom right hand side of the screen.

It shows the windows error “BC.EXE has stopped working”

I’ve uninstalled the game and it still doesn’t work. I don’t have any Graphics enhancement mods (saw someone post that it could be that).

I’m using a Surface Book (with performance base) and Windows 10.

Earlier on I saw a log in the directories and it said something about a ‘mono.dll conflict’ or something like that so I’m not sure if that would help.

I don’t want to lose my saved game data as I’ve invested about 22 hours into the game so if someone can help that would be great.

Hey, @Hulkster,

Really sorry you’re experiencing this :frowning: could you maybe PM me your log file so we can have a look what the problem might be? It’s in your Battle Chasers install directory, something like
C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Battle Chasers Nightwar/BC_Data/output_log.txt

I just sent it. Thanks

i am also getting this error. I had the error when i first downloaded the game. but it worked in safe mode. but now it wont work at all crashes same spot everytime

@jmon: could you PM me your logfile? Should be able to use the “upload” button.

And to @Hulkster and @jmon: Has anything changed with input lately? New controllers, or old on unplugged, anything like that?

Hi. Nothing has changed with the input. I’m using the standard keyboard on my Surface Book and using my Bluetooth mouse which I was using since I started playing. Once the game crashed it wouldn’t start again.

I went in and manually deleted my files as well as moved my save games into another folder just in case it was a corrupted save game but it still doesn’t work. Will send you my log file now.

sorry for the delay. Is this what you are looking for ?

output_log.txt (13.6 KB)

Hey, @jmon and @Hulkster, what language are you guys playing on?

I’m playing on the game in English (whatever the default English setting is)

i am playing on English.

Hi have you found out the issue for the crash? It’s been a week now and it would be good to play this weekend

Hey, @Hulkster; we’re working on uploading a build to the Experimental beta branch on Steam so you and several other players can see if your issues are resolved - if not, there will also be additional debug info that should be included in your log file we might be able to use.
We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available - we’re doing final testing to make sure it’s solid.

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Thank you. Can’t wait to try it out.

Hey, @Hulkster and @jmon!
We’ve uploaded a new build on our experimental branch. Could you give it a try on your machines? We’re not sure if it will fix your issues, but at the very least we may get additional information from your log files and perhaps better be able to pinpoint your issues.

Thank you for all your patience, guys.

Hi @ortizgames. It’s still not working. I’ll send my logs again