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Will there be a Beta Wipe?

I haven’t been able to find any info on this. I do not wan to get very far and have my game wiped as replayability is not a strong point of this game. So, at the end of the Beta at launch will our players get wiped? I know we will get a new version but will we have access to our previous saves. I always use yes to save myself the time but I feel like they may have it enough together that it may not be necessary. On the other-hand I do feel 1.0 deserves a fresh start.

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multiple posts from developers on many threads stating they are trying to make sure the save will carry over into full release. I think it says it on the main beta thread also.


Totally missed all those, thank you!

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Well from what you are saying this means they aren’t 100% though correct?

Isn’t the most confirming.

Is there any chance whatsoever that the devs will work out a way to transfer our saves from the Mac/PC beta to a console version of the game?

I know it’s not a common thing, but man, it would be so awesome! How hard could it be? :wink:

there wont be possible to cross platform save file transfer - its was also discused

I know I’ll step on some toes here but in my opinion there should always be a wipe and let everyone start from beginning again. Simply because a beta often brings bugged items, dupe possibilities and players abusing stuff that shouldn’t be brought over to the final game. I really wouldn’t mind to start over again and enjoy the game without all the bugs that we helped getting fixed. They could still like reward every beta player who had at least some play time with Artifact tokens so we can unlock some of the cool stuff for putting all the hours in the beta :slight_smile:

Official word in this discussion:

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We haven’t encountered any game breaking bugs in which a fix would require us to wipe everyone’s save, so we leave it up to the players if they want to start over or not. We also dont want to nullify the time a lot of people put into the game up to this point. :slight_smile:

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