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Will Alumon Inherit Perk Points Upon Official Release?

While I was streaming BC:NW the other day a viewer brought up something that I’ve been wondering about as well. He said he wasn’t using his Greater Tomes Of Knowledge because he was waiting for Alumon to be released in order to make sure he got perk points as well. Which in my head I thought that Knolan and Red had the extra perk points already inherited when we unlocked them even if we used the tomes when we didn’t already have those characters unlocked. So I guess my question is, when you use a Greater Tome of Knowledge, is it adding an extra perk point to every possible unlockable character in the game whether you’ve unlocked them already or not? Or do you have to have the characters unlocked in order to grant them those extra points? If so, should we start saving Greater Tomes until official release? I know they’re compound questions but they’re all about the same subject. Please Devs, shine some light on this…

There’s three kinds of perk books: ones that add perks to individual characters, ones that add perks to all current party members, and ones that add perks to all heroes, unlocked or no!

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Thanks @ortizgames I was aware of all the types but didn’t know if it applied to unlocked or not. The main reason I was asking was because Alumon isn’t available yet and didn’t know if these would carry over and apply to him as well.

they sure do :slight_smile: