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Why not share XP with the whole team?

I’m having fun with the game, but I’m not sure to understand why the XP is not shared with the “reservists”.

I don’t see the upside of this choice. Maybe some kind of consistency, but in a game where bleed effect applies on machines and skeletons…

The downside is that, it’s easy to have a gap of power between characters and considering there is a bit of challenge in combat, using theses underpowered characters becomes a liability.
So I tend to… not use them, which is sad. Sharing Xp would be a good way ot be sure players experience all you created.

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I agree, after hitting level 15 with everyone, I felt that the time spent on grinding to keep everyone at the same level wasn’t worth it and I got locked into my Calibretto/Gully/Monika team until the endgame. Sharing XP would have made it so I would be more willing to experiment or swap around characters for sure.

I feel the opposite, if they just handed me characters already leveled i would never use them since i would never need to level them up.

This way, im constantly changing up how i play, and what parties i use just to level characters up. I love the way it is now. They already hand you extra xp for lower level characters.

Of course i grew up with all the old school JRPGs that all did it this same way, so it feels normal.


I also did grow up with old school RPG, but it pushed me the other way. I now appreciate when difficulty comes from mechanics rather than grinding, when it’s a “situation” that push me to try different settings.

And Battle Chasers is not bad in that respect. For instance, The Hulking Golem was a threat until i find a good synergy betwen Gully and Knolan to counter it. But that’s only because at that moment, they were at the same level and I could swap without having to farm XP before.

Might not be the case anymore later.

I agree with OP.
At least, a 50% shared xp for unused characters would be great.
Wasting time just to catch up the missing xp is not the funniest part of the game :frowning:

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I’m not sure I’d have used the whole roster if it did that, but I wouldn’t mind it at least preventing gross disparities, so it could have some baselines for the other characters at some milestones - like, you should be around level 23 when you do Strongmont, so it’d be nice if it made sure your other characters weren’t like 15-17 when you finish that dungeon on your highest level folks, maybe it’d shore it up and put them at 20.

That said, if the leveling were atrocious and inconvenient, I’d be unhappy (e.g. every old Final Fantasy, even the remakes) but it works ok in this - you’ll get several levels from clearing a dungeon you already beat on legendary with characters who are a little lower and that makes up for it pretty fast.

I’m of this school of thought. Even picking up Red Monika and having her two levels above the rest my party was a bit disappointing, but it made sense, I suppose.

At any rate, I propose an item that allows experience share. Like, a trinket or something that you slap on someone. That way you can CHOOSE to spread XP around or not.

There is a catch-up mechanic where lower level characters get more experience. It won’t take as long to level up lowbies, and even if they die in combat, they get full exp.

Also, if you have a max level character, they don’t eat up their third of the share. For instance, if you had 2 max level characters and 1 lowbie, that lowbie would get ALL the experience (triple of normal) plus any catch-up experience multiplier.


had my lvl 30 Red run my lvl 15 Calibretto and Garrison run 3 legendary dungeon, they’re now both 29 probably could had been done in less if I wasnt hunting lore in deadwatch and strongmont

gonna run lvl 15 gully throught legendary mana rift and see how it goes

Thanks Hakan, that helps me when someone happens to get knocked out, I know i can finish the enemies and it won’t cost the knocked out character.

It’s still not enough. It takes way too long to catch other characters up.

Thanx for the answer, but the need to redo stuff is still… kind of boring for me.
Right now, the progression with a “main” team, moving from dungeon to dungeon, is usually not enough to give me the level required to do the next dungeon, meaning I have to grind with this team. So when it come to team 2…

I understand that, like C-trep said, doing a 3 dungeons run might not seem that long, but it all depends of what time you can spend on the game and, beyond that, redoing a dungeon is not really that fun to me.

So I guess I’ll just stick with my main team till the end.

I don’t mind it how it is now. What I ended up doing was having a main team and a team B. I tested players early on and had my mind set with these teams. Then whenever I wanted to play the lower content again to get more lore books or something, I’d switch to the lower lvled team to re-run it. Plus, it made it fun playing the other characters again.

I don’t like sharing with the whole party I would rather level up a B team after im done with the A team. In the Legend of Dragoon shared exp among a 7 or 8 roster which slowed leveling my main party to a slug race. One playthrough I left everyone dead save the main charector and he reached max level halfway through the game. Battle Chasers has a very good leveling system.