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Why isn't Flee available when you need it?

Love the game so far, there are a few QoL things that could be in, but that’s for another topic.

Why isn’t Flee available when fighting Hunt targets?
So far I have stumbled across a few (3) of the hunt targets without knowing beforehand. And each of those times I have been under leveled to fight them. I know the instant I see their level that I will never make this fight, but I can’t leave it. The only option is wait and die.

I agree; the lack of Flee option on some of those things is misguided. You want to test a new enemy; you see it’s some kind of boss/unique you have no chance of defeating; but you just have to sit there, get defeated, lose the coins. Whereas if you quit and reload the autosave, it’s 100% chance of keeping that money.