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Whos ready for Live?

8 days people!!

Whos ready to continue their journeys?

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gonna be a long final week but I am so excited, the game will look so amazing on my TV!

I cant wait either! :slight_smile:

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I really can’t wait! It’s my first time backing a game because nightwar seemed to stand out so much. :slight_smile: So far, the beta exceeds my expectations!!

been waiting 16 years for more BC, i think i hit peak patience, ive never been more excited for a game in my life though (and im a HUGE gamer…)

im so HYPED!

16 years? The hell?

Didnt think they be planing this game for that long

I’ll probably start over just to keep everything fresh

But definitely very exciting. Game has come a long way since Kickstarter, to a demo at PAX, to backer alpha, to release.

No matter happens, everyone on the team deserves a hearty congrats. I don’t think its presumptuous (since I normally dislike when people claim to ‘talk’ for everyone) to say all the backers are grateful for all the hard work and dedication the team has put into the game.

Because its never said enough, and I know while a small gesture it can mean the world

Thank you

nah man… 16 years for more battle chasers. not just the game lol.