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Who are the characters you are using?

ahhh… gotcha… wow, you have shared so much! thank you!

Glad I can help bro, I just been finding this stuff out by trial and error and at times by pure coincidence lol

:smiley: yeah, i haven’t had much time to play… so the more info i have the more efficient I’ll be when i do get a chance. :smiley:

I’ve found that it’s simply annoyingly hard to keep up in fights in the dungeons if you don’t run one character from each category: Gully (or later Alumon) as the tank, Calibretto or Knolan for healing and either heavier utility or heavier AoE, respectively, and either Garrison or Red Monika to kill things.

I don’t mind this, lots of JRPGs have designated types for characters, and of course, most western RPGs and nearly every MMO have the “holy trinity” of tank, healer, and damage/offense, but it kinda bums me out that I can’t actually bring out the classic battle duo of Monika and Garrison without having to figure out how to keep damage distributed between them, lest one of them simply get obliterated.

Take the slime hunt boss or the spooky one in The Dig, for example. I’m sure if you overlevel or overgear it a bit, it’s probably perfectly doable in a whacky comp, but given the massive, frequent AoE some of those bosses do, it’s extremely hard without Gully, and in my opinion, Knolan does handle the healing part as well as Calibretto does, more or less, but Calibretto’s purify is so unbelievably good that I can’t justify taking Knolan over him - any boss with splash damage that drops 2-4 conditions on the entire party just sees its hard work nullified by Calibretto’s level 1 burst, and really, I didn’t NEED Garrison’s or Gully’s bursts to beat any of the bosses when I did them the first time, though the old Garrison level 2 + Berserk does a lot of work (if only the burst gauge went to 6, I’d kill to use Garrison 2 and Gully 3, just to see Gully’s do some real damage).

Overall though, with the exception of Alumon, I think the characters are fairly balanced - Garrison is a powerhouse, and I think his damage is a little more accessible, despite most of it needing some form of ramp-up (either significant overcharge or burst gauge) while Monika’s is easier to get to, her strongest chain can be fizzled by any boss that AoEs before she can use ambush. Garrison’s level 3 sounds pretty strong, but since I can’t actually get 600 points at the arena I can’t test it, but from the description it sounds competitive with Monika’s.

So assuming there’s good balance between Gully and Alumon, the latter I expect to bring more conditions and damage, and less shielding and sheer mitigation, the teams you can make seem fair. I like it so far, and at first I did not care for Knolan at all, but he’s fine once you get used to him, though I’d argue Calibretto’s ability to keep the whole party sustained for a whole dungeon without much trouble makes him a lot better.

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I usually play with red and garrison and knolan, they all deal good damage and can debuff enemy and apply dot, I just balanced the gear so they can all take a beating. Also I prefer Knolan healing abilities as they tend to activate quicker then calibretto’s one I feel.

I also suspect that Alumon will have lots of conditions to use.

I generally use Gully/Garrison/Bretto together. These guys are a mostly physical damage team and seem to work well for me. Gully and Garrison benefit from Bretto’s sunder. I also try to stack ATK PWR on these guys.

Assuming that Alumon does use conditions, then he should work well with Monika/Knolan. This team will likely be the crit damage team.

Finally, am I the only person who levels up all the characters rather than just playing three specific ones?

I actually like to use monika as my tank (evasion spec, distracting shot, etc) :slight_smile:

Well. Alumon did not turn out as I expected.

THIS right here!

In the Beta this is what I went with for a tank, Bretto as my healer, and Knolan as my primary DPS.

It’s a bit risky, but all sorts of fun. Even with the might of Bretto, you have Knolan as a back up if things do happen to turn sideways on you.

Likewise, at least in terms of him not really being the “utility” tank - he’s more of what I’d call a bruiser, with Gully being the true-blue, archetypal “tank” since she has a clear mitigation pattern (taunt, guardian, block, repeat) whereas Alumon has no way to draw attacks to him, he does have insane damage and sustain - that he gets all of those passive healing increases and coupled with his vampiric assault healing on each hit, which can crit, he is a really rock-solid character.

Also, his alternate costume is amazing. Probably my favorite design-wise, but second to Brass Demur Garrison because of my love of the character it references. Honorable mention to demonic/dark/“Destra” Monika too, looks like something out of Darksiders.

Am I the only one that thinks that Allumon can be the main healer?

Maybe it’s because it’s level 17 and my Bretto only 15 but i think that his single heals and the group heals are pretty decent and he has a high dps attacks.

Currently I’m using Alumon, Gully and Monika

Nature bretto, Shadow Alumon, and Swordsman Garrison. This team is flat out disgusting. Its impossible to kill this team without oneshoting someone once I get mass haste and cleansing rain and invigorating mist going. Even if someone gets one shot as long as it isnt bretto he can reincarnate them.

solid tankiness and a huge mana pool on top of his haste and skill set makes him too hard to ignore. his wild fire provides really good extra dmg when you dont need healing despite being nature perked. (the lightning enchant can proc on every hit of wild fire and every sweep of his burst two, flame slug to really boost his dmg)

literally unkillable when casting something and grim covenant basically grants him an infinite mana pool. usually on perma sanguine embrace and mass haste duty as bretto does off dps better

with hone balde and berserk two and slash he has a 55% chance for berserk to crit once you get rolling. Its flat out disgusting as I can basically one shot anything with about 4k health. For long aoe fights blood bath and siphon is hilarious amounts of sustain)

For current perks I just put them in an imgur album to avoid a super cluttered post

Gully, Alumon, Garrison is what I’ve been running. My Alumon is a healing machine and he still does respectable DPS often even as he heals.

You have hit the nail on the head, friend. This is the party I’ve been running since I picked up Alumon (who by the way, if you like Alumon’s kit, and enjoyed Darksiders, Alumon’s alternate costume is flat-out amazing) and for all the reasons you listed it is absurd.

I still got OBLITERATED by a level 28 mob I sort of stumbled upon and who shall not be named, but otherwise I am with you.

wish i had backed more… would have had the skins…:disappointed_relieved:

I really wanted to like Monica, but there are abilities that just completely ignore evade. Far too risky to use her.

I ended up with Gully, Calibretto, and Knolan. With Gully taunting, Knolan’s elemental shield becomes a virtual 4th party member. Gully’s damage reduction and self shields mean it lasts normally the entire combat.

@Tengu the skins are available for everyone! You can get them from the collector with shadow coins :slight_smile: the stretch goal unlocking them unlocked them for all to enjoy :slight_smile:

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I’m sure I’m pretty close to finishing the first playthrough and currently I’m using Gully for the taunt, Garrison with a crit bleed build for the damage, and Alumon for the Support/Damage abilities (seriously… his overheals giving a shield is the most broken thing I found… and getting 10k crits? count me in).

Only thing I feel a lack of is AoE damage.

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Well, with the Red Monika evade bug being fixed I will likely go back to Red Monika + Knolan + Alumon.

Monika evade tanks/cleanses/dps (in that order), Alumon heals/dps, and Knolan DPS/heals.

Monika covers cleanses and the combo of Knolan’s Fire Bolt + Alumon’s Blood Boil is insane damage.

I’m running the same thing. Alumon being able to convert extra heals to shield has been way too useful. Monika is currently running around with 30% crit chance and poison on crit. In a good shot through Execute she usually caps out poison stacks on her target if she doesn’t out right kill it. Gully at lvl 27-28 is sitting on 8k hp so tanking isn’t a problem. I had some problems for awhile but it was mostly just due to being slightly too low on lvls and gear.

Basically boils down to everyone protect Monika while she kills everything