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Who are the characters you are using?

Im currently using:

Gully / Red Monika / Knolan

Seems a reasonable team

Good combination - Gully as a tank, Red for high singletarget damage and debuffs to support Knolans attacks and Knolan for heal, support and aoe/singletarget damage.

After more than 40 hours of playing I find myself with the starter team again: Gully, Bretto and Garrison.

If you want to play safe Gully is a nobrainer choice, Bretto is the best healer in the game and does good damage and Garrison is able to beat down bosses with the right perks and his combo of Lv2+Berserk all by himself - damagewise.

But it’s a bit boring so I thought of experimenting with the group composition like Garrison, Red and Knolan or something like that - it’s much riskier because you don’t have a real tank ^^

Same here.

I’m a big sucker for awesome art and animations, loving all kinds of mechs and robots, so I need to have Bretto in my team (bb Knolan).

Garrison just seems more reliable to me than Monika with her fancy dodges and stealthing before dealing some real damage.

And then Gully to round off the party. Plus burst 2 AoE stun came in handy more often than once.

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I’ve been running with Monika (evade tank), Bretto (healer) and Garrison (dps).

Monika is great for tanking and damage, especially for those counter procs for riposte. The only thing about running Monika is you have to watch the evasion stacks and keep them up. Garrison just does great dps and brings damage buff to the party. I felt that Bretto did better on heals compared to Knolan but thats just me. What i liked about Bretto is his overcharge buff, sunder debuff and lvl 1 burst.

I’m really curious to see what the high leveled abilities/perks will add to the characters. If it will change my roaster or if i will still run with my current setup.

Going in almost 100% blind (im unable to play on pc so no beta for me… Plus, i just want a pure experience all at once on ps4…)


Im really torn, i want to have the main cast all together… But… I dont know… Probably






(This one just seems like a lot of fun)

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Uuuh, Red, Garrison and Alumon… that’s a hell of a team :smiley: super high damage but pretty risky - Alumon isn’t a good healer if I remember correctly ^^’

Garrison, Gully and Callibretto

  • Gully has nice team defense and shields. Can taunt if needed. Also opens secret doors or stuns enemies in dungeons! Also her second ult stuns multiple enemies.
  • Callibretto is just way too good not too bring. Very useful perks to keep party healthy while in a tough dungeon, best heals and his first ult is very useful to get a quick team cleanse when like the whole team gets poisoned or burned on them. His Wildfire is also nice to get enemies out of stealth.
  • Garrison crit build is just pure destroying things! His second ult + Berserk that gives more attacks if you crit <3 Also the bleed procs are nice damage and letting you sustain damage with Siphon.
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gully - callibretto - garrison atm,

that full crit build, hit with calli for the sunder, then just gully level 1 burst for damage bonus,
and finally garrisons

Omae wa mou shindeiru… beserk, with a weapon with a chance on hit to poison and a flame enchant, and perk on crit to bleed, can give like 5-7 stacks of ignite/bleed/poison, literally one shot the dig boss, but he stops at 1 hp as he needs to do his split move twice, and it regens back to 1.8k hp which is bleh…

though i love red im trying to work out how to play as evasive tank properly. as taking out caillbretto and gully, the sustain healing drops a tonne, trying to use knolan healing is ok but then you lack a large amount of his damage and statuses,

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Played 15hours, Calibretto, Gulli and Garrison are the best in my opinion and by far.

Calibretto is just doing the coffee, it’s litterally the medic with a machine gun.
High damage, can build ressources, slow cleaning and goddam high healing. And he also apply sunder which works reaaally well with everyone except Knolan. He doesn’t need any synergy with other character and gives a monstruous sustain during dungeon. I really think he’s the most op of all the character.

Gulli is the tank, my Garrison is running with 550 HP, so I need someone to taunt.
It’s really hard to decide which one is the most op between her and Calibretto. Single target burst ? Taunt. Aoe burst ? Shields. Even Poison and Ignite aren’t that usefull againt her. She can tank anything and is clearly above Red Monika as a “taunt” character.
Also, her dungeon skill are the best. Because loot.

Garrison, Burst lv2, Berserk, can deal 1000 damage in a single turn and never run out of resources in long fight. Higher damage, not a lot of HP (in my case) as long as he don’t die, he have no weaknesses.

Knolan is pretty good but not a lot of character can apply Chill or Ignite at 100%, same with mana sickness, he have to apply his own debuff, most of the time. He also lack an identity, he’s a kind of swiss knife. Can debuff, can heal, can shield but is underwhelming is every category.
A good point is that he’s the only character able to dispel ennemy buff.

Red Monika is the dodge tank but she’s too “meh” compared to Gully. She have a taunt ability, not a basic action and that’s all. Her taunt should be a basic, instant attack. And if she can’t dodge, your tank is down.
She rely too much on rng. Maybe an ability could double her evade or make a 100% evade during the next turn. Her evade numbers are already pretty high but again, she rely on RNG to be efficient where Gully can tank at 100% viability.
Also her dungeon skills aren’t that good and Chimera Strike, o boi, RNGejus love this one when you’re playing a Monika/Knolan comp.
Finally her stealth is absolutely ridiculous since dots and aoe will get rid of it.

Also is it possible to recruit Alumon yet ? I don’t know anything about him yet.
It’s my whole idea about the roster here, sadly Knolan and Red Monika are too far behind for me.


Ha yeah, keep in mind id be going in completely blind on ps4, i have beta on steam, but i cant play it… So my team builds are purely based on characters i THINK would be cool together (and characters that are close in the comics) i honestly dont know what roles everyone is yet… Ive been avoiding spoilers for the most part so when the 3rd rolls around… Ill be fresh as can be!

A bit late for the party but I’ll still post my teampcomp anyway.


I don’t see how Bretto can be left aside simply put, his lvl1 burst doing an aoe heal and cleanse is just so bonkers I think it would be impossible for me to go back to not having him in any comp.
Monika’s dmg output with her skill doing more dmg when you get out of stealth can burst an outrageous amount of dmg in a single blow if you can mannage to crit. Very often sh’s been the one to pull me out of impossible situations (especially against hunts) because she just ‘critted’ out of nowhere pulling a 900dmgish single blow on the boss.
plus her random stun on autohit is just stupid :smiley:
About Knolan, he is in there as a jack of all trades, he can deal support and hex the ennemy if needed, but I must admit that he is mostly there cause I’m a sucker for his animations and his wits in combat 8D.

First I want to say I always focus on efficiency and utility when I build my RPG parties. Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion on what they consider strong and at the end of the day you should approach your team comp however you want. This is my tried and heavily tested all-star team made up of the best healer in the game with the 2 best DPS in game: Calibretto, Red Monika and Garrison. IMO Gully and Knolan are just ok atm but are lacking in certain areas… Knolan more so than Gully. But both are currently outclassed in skills and perks by the others, as far as Beta goes. I’ve tried the full crit approach based on the crit enchantment on both weapons and gear and it’s great! But since Enchanting is currently bugged and every enchantment goes back to lvl 1 when you relog, I decided to go for more haste and evasion with the Falcon enchantment on gear while we wait for the Devs to fix the bug.

  1. Callibreto

    Best healer support in the game atm. His lvl 1 Burst is the best combination of a decent aoe heal with aoe cleanse, gets you out of sticky situations. Has an aoe heal as a dungeon skill which is probably the single most useful dungeon skill you can have, rarely need to use healing potions or invest on them. Has great healing abilities and a 1-turn-2-debuff-cleanse in battle. Brings a reliable Sunder on hit which synergizes very well with the other 2 members of my team. With him on your team you dont need to waste turns on casting shield abilities, or slowing the enemy with freeze debuffs, he’s a healing machine with respectable power and utility. His Nature Perk tree is littered with useful choices unlike other characters like Gully and Knolan which kind of force you to waste certain perk points to get the passives…

  2. Red Monika

    The “Mary Sue” of Battle Chasers with the highest DPS skills. All 3 of her Bursts are useful in any situation which you can’t say about other characters. Her dungeon skills are great for farming materials. So far in the Beta she’s the only character in my team that can hit double digits stats in Crit, Haste and Evade all the while maintaining over 1k HP and almost 1k Att Pwr. She’s either too OP in Beta or overall too OP in the game. She’s like a must have on any team. Also her wild shot is one of the only 1-turn-skills that can instantly hit a stealthed enemy. If her lvl 2 Burst crits a sundered enemy it can most likely 1 shot it, including most of the current bosses (Taking into account shes lvl 15 with DPS perks and DPS focused item build). Tons of useful Perk tree choices, which in characters like Gully and Knolan you’re like… why do I have to waste Perk points on these just to get the big Perk passives!?..

  3. Garrison

    The 2nd highest possible DPS character in the game atm, right behind Red Monika. In Beta he’s probably the most challenging to build properly but I got him pretty close to my Red Monika stats except for Evade which is hard to get it high on him atm without sacrificing other more important stats. His dungeon skills are both equality useful, 1 allows you to start a battle with all enemies stunned for 1 turn and the other allows you to dodge dungeon traps or initiate a fight (including boss fights) with 100% Haste buff for 1 turn. His damage output is great and even more devastating when he crits. Perk trees are filled with useful passives to spend your points on unlike other characters like Gully and Knolan. Some would say he can be swapped out for Gully. My opinion is other than her lvl 2 Burst and her dungeon terrain-breaking ability she doesn’t have much else to offer than to be a damage sponge with lackluster DPS. Overall he makes it so that whatever Red Monika can’t finish quickly he cleans it up.

Most of the time I use Garrison (imo more reliable than Monika, even with lower dps), Gully as a tank and Bretto as healer/support (I find Knolan more of a mix of dps/healer and he doesn’t seem specially good when compared to the rest of the team).

Been running Garrison/Gully/Calibretto for the most part.

Hey man, how did you get the epic Jade Eye? :smiley:

You can craft it once you buy all blacksmithing recipes and just add more materials to increase its rarity when you craft. White - 100% materials, Blue - 200% materials, Purple - 300% materials.

Thanks for the Info! i didn’t know that you could do that… lol

Yeah I found out by accident I was crafting a potion once and I added extra materials by mistake and noticed the % on the craft go up and I’m like wow I can make my own Epic gear!

Nice! whoa… just noticed the haste on your characters… how did you attain that! Bretto i understand but how is Red and Gar so high? I have the same enchants on my gear, I’m assuming the perks have something to do with it.

Yeah another thing I found out recently about Perk trees. At the very top of the Perk page you will notice Perk Masteries, each character attains certain Masteries by accumulating a certain amount of points spent in that tree. It’s something like every 20 points you unlock a new Perk Mastery. So I got Haste Mastery on both Red and Gar. Which is another reason i keep bringing up why Gully and Knolan are kind of meh, their early game masteries and perks are not as game changing as the other characters imo.