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Where to find Ks items ingame ps4

As topic says, I have no clue where the items are or where to active them.

Anyone that could help?

Centrius! You my friend are in luck…only because I spent the past 20min looking myself.

So I’m clear, you mean Chaoseater, Explorer’s Bundle, and Alternate character portraits, right?

Yea? Good!

  1. Start a game, go through the initial scene. Save and Exit.
  2. Go into Extras, type in your code. (Now this is where things can get tricky)
    • If you do NOT get a pop up that says “x item unlocked” follow the next set of steps.
    • If you DO get a pop up, congrats. ChaosEater and Backpack are in your inventory. Alt portraits are located in the options menu.

Follow these steps if you do NOT get a pop-up confirmation.

  1. Press the PS button to open the quick menu and manually close out of the game.
  2. Check the version of the game, it should be version 1.01.
    • If you do not have version 1.01, update the game
  3. If you have version 1.01, awesome, restart the game and go into extras to enter the codes.

You may have to repeat this a time or two (it took me three times for it to go through).

Hope this helps!

Thx for the very good walk through but can’t see anything in game :confused:


I got the window when I force closed the game (before your answer) but now I tried it again and I got the same “unlocked” message again. So it seems to be bugged.

Well that’s lame…

Unfortunately I wouldn’t know what to say at this point. I’d track down one of those amazing Devs we have to see if they can help, their email is

Are you sure you’re running 1.01?

Does anyone know if this a one time unlock? Can you use it say on Steam and your PS4 version?

Nevermind, go the answer here: Backer Exclusives are one-time code?

My extra codes just aren’t registering at all (putting them in and confirming just goes back to menu instead of registering the items). I tried one of them again and it said the code was invalid, tried it a third time and it went back to menu. Augh.

Well I have tried to update the game but it says it’s up to date, so can really do anything more :confused: hopefully they will patch it in 1-2 days