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Where is the PS4 Patch?

When will we get the patch?!

I’m still waiting for that too! Must clean out these bugs before they ruin the game. When I asked, last week, the tech guys responded with “next week.” It’s Monday, so hopefully today or tomorrow at the most.

Yeah hope so too, but i think they didnt work at weekend…they dont even take the time to respond to the community…

They have responded, yes this is game breaking but they have posted they found the problem and are working on a fix

Yes, i have seen it, thx! Im glad they gave an update now :slight_smile:

The update is good, but when will the actual patch be implemented?

If they’ve sent the patch to Sony already, its basically a matter of waiting for Sony to roll it out

Then the question is for the tech guys! Did you send a patch for Sony to implement in the game? Thanks

Guys, seriously, be patient, a few days won’t kill you, and this game is worth the wait, so relax for a while.

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I get where ur coming from faufnir but we’ve waited a week I’m patient but we did pay money for a product to work and I just want to play this game which is very fun btw!

Apologize for the wait guys. You’ve been really patient and we really appreciate it. We are hoping to get a patch out to Sony soon, but it hasn’t gone out yet. Fixing the crash is our #1 priority right now. We will update on the forums as soon as we shoot something to sony so you guys know its coming

That’s amazing, thanks for the update Steve, and great job on the game btw, who knew Joe had such a talented brother, didn’t even know you were involved in DS1+2 until very recently, keep up the great work!

Btw, is it worth having a thread lisitng out all the major issues users are experincing to ensure the patch covers as much as possible? May be too late now but thought I’d mention.

Good game ,steve but plz fix spawn rate for captain ) today i grind 6 hours to spawn them and no luck its not normal

hey @alexander77 the bug keeping the pirate captains from spawning is fixed in this patch too

@faufnir we’ve been trying to keep an eye on the forums as we are fixing things. You can see a list of what is actually fixed here: Experimental Branch - Testing Help Needed! (Windows Only)

Got it, thanks Steve, didn’t check the thread since assumed it was for PC players only? Anyhow just read through & most things look to have been covered off apart from icons lingering in dungeon rooms when they’ve been completed and some icons showing up when they shouldn’t be there, but maybe I missed that fix! Overall great batch of updates, looking very much forward to that patch, can’t wait to continue the adventure!

Yeah this patch will come to consoles as well once we have the crash issues addressed on PS4 (thats still our #1 priority right now), but will come to PC sooner (its a lot easier and less steps to push a patch live on steam)

No doubt, thanks for the update, appreciate all the extra time you guys are putting in. I think a lot of us really just want Airship to succeed so you guys can keep making awesome games like this. Still have the BC graphic novel from like 8 years ago, so this one in particular is a great start for me personally. But I digress, kudos & godspeed to you!

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Crashes are terrible, but not the biggest concern. Data corruption, THAT is a real nightmare

I completely agree with you @Daizengar. The corruption is terrible. We are addressing it in the next patch aswell by putting in some fail safes in the case that something does happen like a power surge, crash etc. Update can be seen here PS4 Issue: Occasional crashes