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When will we receive our rewards?

Supposedly the game leaves on October 3 but here in Spain the physical rewards for the Kickstarter Backers have not yet arrived. I paid 225 $ and I still have not received anything. Is there any news about it?

thank you so much.

The physical rewards will arrive after the game is released, but I don’t know when we will get them.

oh ok, for this reason they send us email to remember to fill the survey?

Is there any update on when backers will receive their physical rewards?

I have been asking this on other threads and no response. :frowning_face:

Hey all, we hope to have an official announcement on the physical stuff soon. As an update, we’re arranging a printer for the art book now and working on getting the shirts and prints designed. So you haven’t missed anything yet. They’re coming up. Thanks!


Thanks for keeping us posted. :grin:

Thanks for the update! \o/ \o/ \o/

Does anyone have a link to the art that’s going to be on the 11x17 print? I’m sure it was in the Kickstarter updates, but I can seem to find it at the moment.

I don’t think they have confirmed the art for it yet.

I’m in EU and still waiting for physical rewards… hope to have them one day (PS : about the t-shirt, nobody asks for the size… strange…)

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I’m in EU and still waiting for physical rewards… hope to have them one day (PS : about the t-shirt, nobody asks for the size… strange…)

Me too (italy). Yesterday arrived my Phisical Copy of the game and, strangely, a second UPS e-mail but with the same tracking number of the just-arrived package. I hoped for a second that this second one was another alert for the incoming stuff like the t-shirt, the artbook and so on. But it seems it was just a UPS mail bug, or what. So… hope the rest of my pledge will come asap!

It’s been awhile now, are there any new updates outside of what other Backers are getting/dealing with? I’ve got all the digital rewards, but not hearing much on the physical stuff. I understand that the stuff relying on Joe Mad will take some time before it even comes close to being ready, but the other items shouldn’t be under the same constraints I would think. No offense, but I’d like to have a heads up so I don’t have the rewards so up when I’m away from home for a lengthy time. Or have to fight the shipping service just to get the package.

Also, I’d like the opportunity to confirm what all I’ll be getting too. It’s been a while since the purchase so I’m a little fuzzy on what all was in the package I paid for. Is there a way we could get a second look at the full contents, outside of pulling up the old Kickstarter page (which may not be 100% accurate for those that contributed from the BattleChasers Store and not Kickstarter)?


If you go to and log in you can see any and all of your pledges. That’s where I go to keep updated on my pledge items.

And YES it would be a good time for a new physical reward update.

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That’s what I have been doing, but it’s not 100% accurate for those that backed the development after Airship Syndicate shifted the backing pledges from Kickstarter to the BatleChasers Store. I don’t believe there’s a big difference, but if my memory serves me incorrectly there was a few small changes in the rewards (for various reasons) between package I bought through the Store and the same level of package on the Kickstarter Page (which was closed and moved to the Store by the time I made my pledge).

The only problem is that all the info on the Store Pledges are gone with the removal of the store. If I had known better, I wouldn’t screenshotted the Pledge Rewards.

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Hello everyone, any update? Since “soon” on Oct 23 I didn’t see any update on when we will have the physical rewards.

Hey Airship where are you? Could you give us some informations?


Has anyone tried emailing them directly? I’ve tried a few times but don’t even get a simple reply.

I have emailed direct a few weeks ago with no reply yet.

Any news about physical rewards?

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