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When can we expect the next PS4 update?

At this point, I’m so worried about data corruption that I’m willing to hold off playing the game until this bug, at least, if worked out. Please give me an ETA on when the next PS4 update will release. Thanks

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+1 - thx…

Hi @Daizengar. Really sorry about the issues with PS4. Its our #1 priority right now and hoping to get a fix next week that we can push through certification as quickly as we can.

So not before Monday at the earliest :frowning:

In the mean time, I’ll upload my save file to PSN and try to do that every hour I play. That way, if I’m unfortunate enough to get a corrupted save file, I’ll just down load the most recent file and pick up where I left off.

Can’t stop playing the game, been waiting a long time for it…

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So what’s the latest on the patching issue? It’s already Wednesday??!

In another post a technician said that the patch is being tested right now and that it could go live today.

And that post was PC related and not PS4.

Despite my great love and appreciation for the people at Airship, and my gratitude for the AWESOME game they made (I am personally loving it to death), I’ve come to accept that when they say “hopefully later today”, it usually means “maybe in 3 or 4 days, maybe next week”. :wink: But I’m not mad, I know they’re working super hard at patches and stuff, and that they’ve got a much bigger issue with the PS4 bug, so I try to be understanding.

@Airship-Steve Any updates on this?