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What Fountain Fills The "Empty Vessel of Hunger"?

Hey guys I’m trying to craft Alumon’s ultimate weapon and I can’t find the fountain in The Crimson Garden that I’m supposed to interact with to fill the Empty Vessel of Hunger. I found 2 different fountains that I can’t interact with as well a some Blood Fountain that I reach inside, it hurts my character 3 times each time giving me a random item. Am I not supposed to reach into that fountain so the blood can run in other fountains? I’m stuck, if any of you have already cleared this, some help would be appreciated.

Right dungeon, wrong fountains. The one you’re looking for looks like this

Edit: Also I think I may have seen a second one on another run that also said “Drink from the fountain” but that was pinned against a wall. Not sure if it will do the same thing


Thanks for the info @TLily guess I gotta do more runs until I find that specific one.

If you mean the shorter one that you drink from and get a buff, you can also fill it up at that one as it’s the only one I bumped into when I have done the Garden. Shorter is probably not the best description - what I mean is the one that is a deep red-colored pool, rather than a fountain.

No clue if it was shorter. I just know it was attached to a wall and half covered by terrain.

Sorry, I guess my wording was a bit weasel there.

What I meant was that the short, round pool (basically it’s a red version of the pools from the early dungeon where you could time it and reach in to grab an item out) is the alternate option - so far after running the dungeon several more times, I’ve only seen either that one blood fountain in your screenshot, or the round one as places to drink the blood, and my guess is by extension be able to fill the vessel.

Good on you for having a screen though. I never think to take one when I find objectives like that.

I didn’t think to take a screenshot. It’s actually from my live stream yesterday. Took awhile to find since it was in the last room I checked.

As for the time related pools, I haven’t seen one in Crimson Garden yet. Granted I’ve only run it twice so far.

Turns out the type of fountain can be random as you can see below!

Hi Omni,

I’ve got the same problem.

You’ve just do more runs to find a full fountain to dip the Vessel, or you did something else ?
I’ve make 8 runs, and i found nothing.