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We're re-printing the art book!

To our physical backers, hell yes. We screwed up and made the art book too small. We should’ve corrected the second we saw just how tiny 5x7 really was.

We’re starting the re-print process now (quote > print > ship to distributor > ship to you).

We’re sorry!


Thank you so much! I collect Joe’s work. All Hardcovers of DS1, DS2, Battle Chasers Anthology, Spiderman/Wolverine, Inhumans Collection, XMen Visionaries, etc. Spent a fortune on it. Love his work but was so sad when the $200 tier Nightwar Artbook showed up. I’m very thankful for you guys addressing this. Stay awesome!

THANK YOU! For listening, for answering and for doing the “right thing”,
thats how you maintain a loyal and dedicated fan base!

I just got the package and I was certainly disappointed in the art book, came online to see if anyone felt the same to find this post. Thanks for relieving my fears on this one! I truly appreciate the work in everything else for sure, was hoping that wasn’t going to be soured by the ‘booklet’ :grinning:

You guys rock! We all know how hard you guys have worked on this.

So this will be resent to all the backers that pledged at a level that included the art book?

As great as hearing that is, I hope you also see the err of your ways not just in the size of the book but also the size (or lack thereof) in the content of the book!
Please add more than merely 33pages worth.
If I may suggest:

  • adding all the creatures
  • adding the entire cutscenes so it reads like a little comic when watching it.
  • adding the entire fish variants with their stories for each.
  • adding more background environments art, like the houses of the npcs
  • adding the different variants of armor, weaponry

Please make it at least a 200pages worth Artbook.
We Ultimate Collectors Edition- backers deserve that much for our trust we invested in you guys and the patient wait all this time.

kind regards


Totally agree with you.

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I’m hoping that the new art book will be much improved over the cheap, mini art book that they produced, but I greatly doubt it based on how cheap, lazy, and unprofessional Airship has been. The improvements will likely be minimal. I’m not trying to be mean or harsh; rather I’m basing this on what I’ve seen from Airship thus far, because you took forever to ship out the rewards, you gave us cheap rewards, and you’ve given minimal updates throughout the process.

Many of us paid $200+ because we wanted cool physical art books. For many people (including me), $200+ is A LOT of money. It was the first time I’d ever backed up a game on KickStarter but I did it because I’m a big Joe Mad fan, so I was willing to pay $200+ for a cool art book. Unfortunately, everyone who receives a physical art book is going to feel ripped off.

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I do hope Joe understands, this reaction is based on love for his work and wanting to own it in a format that reflects the $ we backed it for. I do find it bizarre that they seem to have completely miss-understood their own tier and why we all spend $200+ for it. If we do get a simply blown up version of that same pamphlet we got, it’ll be a shame. We definitely all were hoping for an exhaustive, detailed art book with room to breath on the pages. Here’s an example of what a proper game art book looks like: Jump to 8:55 for the art book part of the review

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Just so you guys know, we’re going through the process now. It won’t be a super fast turnaround, but as soon as we get the quote we’ll get the printing started. Then the books will come to us (some have to be re-signed), then they’ll get shipped out.

I’ll post here as we pass each milestone towards reshipment. We’re currently targeting a size of roughly 8.5x11, or whatever near that size maintains the aspect ratio for printing.

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But that’s what we’re talking about. If it’s just a blown up version of what we got, it’ll be an improvement, but we were hoping for something really special like the Darksiders art books or other similar ones. Again, no one cares about the map or tee or small print. We wanted a tome with all the character designs, the monsters and backgrounds and NPC’s in a premium format. I know the game was the focus for the campaign, but we backed this tier for a real Joe Mad art book. Not a magazine.

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From what strangelove states, the only difference in the new art book is that it’s going to be 8"x11" (maybe). He doesn’t mention anything about new, additional artwork. If there were going to be more artwork then he would have stated it to help allay disgruntled backers. Not so. Basically, they’re going reprint the cheap, mini art book in a larger format - that’s it - and it might take several years until we receive them.

Is it a coincidence that AirShip Syndicate = A.S.S. ?

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Hey Strangelove,
Thank You for taking the time to communicate to us, we do appreciate it.
But please here our gripes, it isn’t just the tiny size of the so-called artbook it is the thin content that upsets us.
By all means, do take your time with it, it does not need to be rushed if the end-result is a proper artbook about 150 - 200 pages worth of content.
Again, please understand us, as others already mentioned, we paid 200+ dollars because of our believe in you guys and the quality of the previous artbooks( Darksiders 1 & 2) that you guys are renowned for!
As others said, for us? That is A LOT of money we gave to You guys in good faith.
To break it down: that is almost x5 times the games’ price worth, at least.

I hope You hearing reason and are able to sit down with Joe and the other responsibles in charge over at Airship Syndicate and have a meeting about it.
Talk it through.

Consider the time we gave to you in good faith to patiently wait for our money invested in You guys’ dream!
Please make our dream, as Joe Mad’s artwork fans, come true and deliver us an artbook that both we and You guys can be proud of for years to come!
Besides, once You have a proper Artbook compiled of BattleChasers - Nightwar, down the line You could print and sell it as a seperate thing for others out there and have an extra income, for you laid the groundwork here and now already.
But please hear us and our concerns, we want a decent size artbook, not just in measurements but in content.

kind regards


Here’s a crazy idea:
If You guys need help, because you aren’t in the financial means to outsource it or whatever the reason is that makes it difficult for You to construct a proper decent in content size ArtBook; I don’t mind working for You guys for free! As a fan of Joe’s work and what You guys have done with this game.
I would rather that Udon and their amazing team would do it, but if they are no longer available or what not.
Look, I have no prior knowledge in ArtBook construction officially, other than the portfolio book I did for myself as a student Concept Artist back in the days.
But I do have more than 20years in Artbook collecting and my love for books, and artbooks specifically.
Ranging from the Darksiders 1 & 2 artbooks, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings books, How to train your dragon, World of Warcraft, Starcraft books, The Order: 1886, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow artbook, Kung Fu Panda, Guardians of the Galaxy artbook, Ghost in the Shell artbook, etc. to name but a few.
Though we know that all I need as a guideline is the artbooks of Darksiders beside me to get this done right.
I’ll sign any NDA-contract with you (Non Disclosure Agreement) that makes You feel comfortable and allows me to work through a secure connection from You to access Your collective art on a cloud or whatever you have.
Since I’m currently unemployed, I can work day and night on this, happy to! , and we’ll get this artbook done in like 3 weeks time.
I know how to use InDesign.
You just provide me with all the art content, and what is not yet digitally stored from Joe’s sketches you guys scan in on Your end.
I do the rough work, You guys can take it further and do the finishing and what not.
And I can assure You that we’ll have a fingerlicking awesome looking finished product that we all can be damn proud of calling The Artbook of BatlleChasers - Nightwar.

It is my way of helping out, and getting it done, for all of us.

Just a suggestion

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I agree with the crowd here upping on the content, not just the size. The current book at 33 pages isn’t too terrible for me at 5"x7". But just upsizing the 33 pages to 8.5"x11" seems cheap and more like a kid’s artbook than anything an adult would crave for. I’m not going to demand or expect the new book to meet the exact specs that made the Darksiders 1 and 2 books so well loved, but having more pages would make people a lot more happy, especially those that paid hundreds or more hoping for an artbook to blow their minds. I mean there’s folks that paid $200+ just to have the artbook (firstly among other items). And for $20, a person can get a DC Showcase book with 660+ pages (I know because I have one). With only 33 pages, I’m better off with the PDF we already received.


Battle Chasers Nightwar (5.3 MB)
Hey Strangelove,
Here ya go, I uploaded in a zip file a .PDF “Battle Chasers Nightwar presentation” artbook mockup.
Containing of a front and backcover, inner cover pages and a first few pages for show.
With care and devotion, how easily You guys could make a proper ArtBook instead.
It ain’t rocket science as you can see, all it takes is a little bit of effort.
I did this with merely the few artwork at my disposal, and you guys are sitting on a mountain of wonderful original proper artwork.

I received today my desired Kickstarter Encore Personal Edition…my hype was incredible. Finally I would see the amazing artbook, signed by Madureira. 360 dollars spent just for him, for his amazing artbook.

I opened the box and checked the T-Shirt…well, not the best one but ok. Checked the print…not so amazing but ok too. The “limited” print…well, it didnt seem so limited but it was cool.

And then, I looked at the instructions manual. How strange, I didn´t know there was one, and without the game? Oh wait…oh no, it cannot be.

Yes, it was the “artbook”. A 30 page mini artbook.

Seriously, do you think we are idiots? Don´t we deserve a proper artbook for such amount of money we pledged? Really?

Check the Witcher 3 video posted before, check that artbook. Pick up a World of Warcraft CE (not the BfA one) and check the artbook included with the OST, Making of, Game, Mousepad, etc… for just 75 euros. Check any artbook you can buy for almost 25 euros with more than 200 pages.

Come on, this 360 dollar Kickstarter Encore Personal Edition is not worth more than 60 euro. I can raise it up to 100 for the “signature”.

Madureira must have more than 30 pages of sketches and drawings, so I hope that “reprint” won´t be just a resizing of that joke you called “artbook”. We deserve much more for what we pledged. I would gladly return all the goodies (and recovering my money of course) if we don´t see a proper artbook.

Edit: I forgot to mention a little detail. The signature was scratched. So…you have sent me a damaged joke artbook :slight_smile:

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Holy shit. That’s REALLY nice.

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I remember when Darksiders 1 launched. If you preordered then you would have gotten an artbook/comic book (bigger and same thickness as Battle Chasers NW book) FREE for preordering. When Darksiders 2 launched they had the Collectors Edition that came with the game, DLC, Full Death Mask AND an Artbook (Thicker than the Battle Chasers NW Book) for only $100. Not sure what happened here with Battle Chasers NW. I know when you kickstart a game then you are more or less donating support for a game and getting rewards as a bonus but everything advertised made me think that this Artbook was going to be on par with the Darksiders books. I guess it must have been the illustration icon that was used in the tier description on Kickstarter. Not sure. I’m hoping we get more content on this one or a huge discount on a complete UDON made book.