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Welt's Tent bug?

I wanted to fight the Destructive Duo but I cannot craft the OEM Energy Cell. The dialog with Welt (Welt’s Tent) to get finally the recipe for the “Mana Infused Deep Iron Ingot” just don’t appear. I saw in some Videos that you can ask him about “The Dig” and ask him about ore. But in my game he’s still talking about the entrance to the mine and other stuff.
I’m already at the ice area, charakter level ~24 and did every dungeon at least twice with 1 time legendary and finished every side and main quest so far.
Is this a Bug or did I miss something?
Thanks for helping already

He will only bring up the ore if you have some mana infused deep iron ore in your inventory. They can spawn from Ore Veins in the Dig.

There should be a more detailed dialog that you know you have to bring some Mana Infused Deep Iron Ore. Else you think there’s nothing more to do and you just go on.
But thanks a lot, I’d never found it out because running over leveled into the lower dungeons is just a torture.

Let me know if that works for you so we can make sure its not an actual bug. Thanks!

It worked! I must have missed the Ore Veins twice. Thanks for helping and fast replying! 10/10 would ask again

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Don’t mind me, it just finally worked