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Welcome to the Airship Syndicate community, a place to discuss our games… beginning with Battle Chasers: Nightwar! A special thanks to everyone who backed Nightwar on Kickstarter. We’re here because of you.


Woohoo! Can’t wait to get my hands on Battle Chasers.

Same here, so excited!

Yay! Welcome all. Very excited for the beta next week!

I’m also super excited. Anybody on here take part in the Alpha testing?

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Back to beta playing!

Awesomeness! Soooo looking forward to playing!

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To save me writing a new post, how do badges work on here? I.e. we’re backers, so will we at some point get the backer badge, or do we have to do something to enable it?

Yeah!!! Looking forward to play it!!! And to have my art book!!!

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Always great to back an interesting kickstarter project, forget about it, then see all the new media and realising "oh, it’s coming out soon!’

Can’t promise I’ll immediately play it (D:OS 2 is also coming out!), but I will definitely be sharing it with my tactical rpg loving friends as soon as it’s available :slight_smile:

haven’t been this excited about access for a long time. thank you for this :slight_smile:

So excited for this game. I can’t wait to play it and continue playing once I completed it. You guys did an incredible job with this.

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Super excited! :slight_smile:

…Maybe because I’m a total loser, but backing this game feels my lifes biggest accomplishment. Can’t wait to play.

The game look really great. I played in the Alpha quite a bit and it was amazing. It can only became better from here.

I can’t wait to play it on legendary mode! Totally looking forward to it and thanks for bringing this awesome game to us :smiley:

Is there a beta out?

I cannot wait for Battle Chasers to come out. I loved the comic.
It will be a nice distraction for those of us in Houston. Thank you all for your support. Much Love to all y’all!


First of: Best of luck with Battle Chasers! I’m pretty sure that you’re doing many players (like me) a big favor with this turn-based rpg. It looks great so far but everyone knows that one also needs some luck in the gaming industry nowadays so I wish you just that.

Second: Is there a plan for your next game to be turn-based as well? I really hope so :smiley: Good classic turn-based rpgs are something that is really rare right now and Battle Chasers kinda nails the modern look.