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Weapon management feedback

Hi there, first of all, i think that a 10 staight hours on the beta tell you that i kind of like it so thank you for all the work.

Concerning the weapons, i have a little discomfort with the fact that nearly 50 min after starting the beta i have to discard the weapons that the characters use in the comics and cinematic to better ones. I’m ok with armors, rings and everything else but not the weapons. Why can’t we keep them and upgrade them as the game goes on, why do i see them laying in my inventory as “memento” with no gameplay value.

So i was wondering if you have thought at a moment to use them trough all the game or not.
I mean, come on!
Aramus Gauntlets guys, in the botom of my inventory… make me sad.

Think about it, a blacksmith wo know some runic manipulation can easely extract property of weapons, sraps, relics, etc and imbue them in the “main” weapon of heach character, no ?

All the sword knife dagger are used to strenghtening Garrison sword
All scrap metal and magic imbued metal for Calibretto
All pistol, riffle for Red Monika
You see something like that
And there you go.
Evolutive weapons because those are as important as the characters who hold them.
I mean, take Gully… without Aramus gauntlets, you lose something.

And the thing is those manipulations only works on this island, becaus of mana things and all that stuff you know, so fluff-wise it’s ok

Well, those are my toughts on this subject
I could have written more, but that is the extent of my English but feel free to ask more if you can read French

I, personally, understand your concerns, but I really like character customization, so I’m totally ok with the current situation.
Maybe it would be cool to have an optional check-box “Keep original character look”, so people could use all the items.
What do you think, @Noctal?

I’m not against customization and i think that slight changes on the skin of the weapons like what blizzard ave done to their “Artefact weapons” in Legion could be more intersesting that what we have now. Like the differents version of “Ashbringer”.

Something like that, where you keep the spirit of the weapon but the change in the skin tel you its spec, elements etc and those changes are corresponding to the stats that you have imbued to it by using things with the atributes you want.

That the system that i hope to see in this game because to me it make sense

They could also include a transmog feature in the game, which would solve the dilemma. However, I’m not sure how much dev time would need to be invested to get that implemented.

Sure for the transmog but the main problem to me is that heach time i go to take a nap at the inn, Garrison tel to the world that Gully without the gauntlets might be dead and how much they are powerfull but you ditch them as soon as you find a new pair. First, i found it a little contradictory and secondly, why not include them a choice in the magic cube present in the dungeons? If you can upgrade them, you can keep using them.
But as it is right now i just feel sad about those .

@Noctal As far as the original weapons are concerned, I can imagine that towards the end of the game you will be given the opportunity to upgrade them to the ultimate weapon of the character. As an example - I remember FFIV and was very happy that I always kept everything - otherwise I couldn’t have received Excalibur!