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Weapon/Armor Enchantment Suggestion

I know this is probably way too late to implement before release but right now you can only enchant weapons/armors that you’re carrying in your inventory. This excludes the ones equipped on members that are not in your party, forcing you to miss out on enhancing theirs. Obviously the work around for this would be to unequip the weapons/armors of the members you’re not planning to use in your party and carry those with you at all times to not miss out on enchanting them.

Another suggestion which I’ve mentioned in the past is to use Mercuri in Harm’s Way as the NPC that we can pay gold to upgrade and she can become the local Enchanter/Enchantress. This would save time from having to go dungeon hunting for enchanting workstations. Also she doesn’t do much right now outside of some talking quests and selling materials…

Mercuri has more functionality later in the game.

Good to know @Hakan thanks for the heads up :wink: