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Want to see next patch include

I’m loving the game, its absolutely gorgeous and the combat system is both nostalgic and fresh. That said, and I imagine at least some or most of these issues have already been mentioned, but there are some things I’d like to see tweaked to make my personal experience (and hopefully others) enjoying this game that much better.

Top of the list: Text size. Several areas of the game’s UI feature text entirely too small, which is a problem especially in combat. Figuring out how much overcharge you have as opposed to mana for some characters is a test in visual acuity. Abilities, effects most of the combat UI is too small.

Next up: The Grind. A staple of the Jrpg, its a double edged sword requiring extremely fine balance. Too much and the gameplay becomes monotonous and boring. Too little and the effort placed into gameplay isn’t rewarding. The combat system, music and art make for a solid package to keep me interested but grinding out levels and loot might very well ruin my experience. An adjustment to the loot and experience tables would be nice but understandably difficult. Shared XP among party members would go a LONG way towards making things more bearable as well. Again, I understand this would all but difficult. Speaking of difficulty…

This game has wide, erratic difficulty curve. One moment I’m casually making my way through a dungeon and then the next, I’m getting smacked around by a Gun Hulk annihilating a party member every other turn. But then that same Golem is surrounded by small fry bandits and motivators. Its confusing and not a happy time. Enemy level corresponding to dungeons and unlocked parts of the world map could use some balancing. Speaking of balancing…

Certain characters are kind of busted: I’m looking at Garrison and Monika. One is a glass cannon with a ludicrously powerful combo and the other is a ridiculously tough rogue character with stupid high damage output. Personally I’d lower Garrison’s critical rate and bump up his HP or haste to make Wanderer a more appealing tree while not quite nerfing the poor man, and I’d lower Monika’s HP or Evade, making her Evasion buffs play a more active roll in her defense because as it is even if she doesn’t evade she’s probably my third toughest character without intentionally equipping her with defensive gear. Finally we come to the ever familiar complaint:

Xbox One loading times. This is more a convenience thing. Also I nearly have a heart attack whenever a battle starts up because the loading skull and glass shatter that appears appears to lock up and freeze, making me think my Xbone hard crashed.

Anyway, hope this was helpful and I just want to reiterate how much I love the damn game. Its been a long time since visuals wow’d me. In this gaming landscape filled with grey, brown and green battlefields, Nightwar is like a much needed breath of fresh air. This game just feels so alive, so vibrant. The colors and art combined with the animations and the characters and music all comes together to create something really special and not something you see much of these days. I just wanted to congratulate the folks at Airship and Joe Mad for giving me a chance to play this wonderful game and experience the comic book world I once read in my youth.

When’s that tenth issue coming out, eh Joe? :):rofl:

A lot of your feedback is actually addressed in the next patch! :slight_smile: You can have a look at the patch notes here: Experimental Branch - Testing Help Needed! (Windows Only)
Major points of balance are smoother xp so less grinding is neccessary while also fixing some things that made end game too easy (broken masteries/ and balance on some perks and gear). It’ll be coming to steam first but we will be rolling out the patch for consoles shortly after

That’s great news! Looking forward to that console patch then!