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Vessel of Glorious War (The Unrelenting Bug)

Ok I think I’m done attempting to complete this quest. I no longer care about the reward, I just thought I could do 100% completion on this dungeon to put it behind me. But stick a fork in me I’m done… 40+ times entered The Dig dungeon in multiple difficulties, 20+ times full 100% completed, 990+ monsters killed… I don’t know what that vessel wants from me lol. (Also I still have 2 Dead Hearts, thought that would get fixed on release as well.)

Hey sorry you are still dealing with this. We patched in a fix for it but i wonder if your game was in a state where it didn’t fix it for you. Ill PM you and if you send us your save file, we may be able to fix the issue for you or see whats going on in your case.

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Hey @Airship-Steve, thanks for offering to help! I just sent you a message asking where I can find my save file in order to send it to you.

Ok let me know if all works now!

It works! Thank you! I sent u an email reply as well :slight_smile:

Sorry to piggy back but I’m having the same issue. What address should I send my save to?

I’m having the same problem :frowning: What should I do?

I’m have this issue! Is there a fix for this?