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Vessel of Glorious War (small issue)

I first found this side quest in The Dig (but I’m under leveled and can’t complete it right now).
I found it again in [Legendary] Path of the Fang today, and found the quest info lacking.

  1. Shown here (at the top is the one from the Path of the Fang, below it Dig)

For someone who has a tendency to forget where she picks up side quests and often ADDs in a dungeon, I feel like maybe the quest info can also include where this Vessel came from.

Also, there is no indication to the progress or completion of this side quest. Currently need to keep track of the mobs yourself, and simply know when to go back and turn it in, since it doesn’t tick off till you return it to the alter.

Not a major thing, but maybe a quality of life change. :slight_smile:

Also returned to town and found this spelling error when training for level 3 bursts.

“help help” I imagine is the error.

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I don’t don’t see the issue