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Very happy with the beta after 20 hours of playing!

I’m very happy with my experiences with the beta. The graphics are beautiful and together with the sound and story make for a very atmospheric game. I especially enjoy the combat and the challenge level of the game. I’ve been wiped out a few times, but generally by revisiting a dungeon or two at the legendary level I’ve been good to proceed onward.

The flow of the combat is also something that helps me to enjoy the game. Animations are good looking, but relatively brief, so the action keeps flowing. The skill system seemed a bit shallow at first, but after unlocking more skills and getting more characters, I’ve come to appreciate the subtleties in getting good DPS while keeping my party healthy and the enemy preferably debuffed.

I have just a few minor nitpicks:

  • The lore screen with entries found in the dungeons should preferably open to display the section of the dungeon the party is currently in.
  • When selecting an item to enchant it’s not always clear what, if any, enchantment will be lost. Information similar to how it looks when selecting to equip an item would be welcome.

I had one weapon drop that had 2 enchants on it (not sure if it was a bug or just a very rare occurrence or I’m just dreaming about it and it never happened) so in this case it might be hard to know what gets replaced, but normally, there’s only one enchant, and that will always be replaced.
Under the enchant information, you’ll always be able to see the stats changing, so a -15 stamina or a - [Buff name] would be just that :smiley: