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Version 1.01 Patch Notes

Ok Airship,

Patch notes from version 1.01.

Never, and I truly mean NEVER have I enjoyed reading patch notes so much. Some highlights…

"Players would find themselves swindled out of Shadow Coins when purchasing multiple chests from the Collector. We have had a word with him - his chest now all contain loot. "

“Now that everyone has opened and been disappointed by the empty chest in the Sewers, we can remove it.”

“The Iron Outpost boss has remembered its dignity and will no longer pretend to be a slime.”

“Save protection has been added to prevent save files from being corrupted in the event of catastrophic alien invasions, or computer shutdowns.”

“There was a tacklebox in several fishing holes that people really wanted to open. We’ve given you what you wanted: it’s gone now”

Seriously, well done on the patch notes!