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Update for Switch Release and Console Patches

Hey all! We now have a finalized launch date for the switch version of Battle Chasers! It will be available in stores and digitally on May 15th! We are really excited to finally get the switch version in your hands and thanks for all the patience!

As for console patches, we had a bug found when we submitted the patch, but it has been fixed and resubmitted, so we will hopefully have those console patches live soon, once it passes cert with microsoft/sony. (Hoping for next week potentially if nothing else comes up).

Again thank you for all your continued patience!


This is wonderful to hear! The wait’s been long but it’s great to know we only have about a month and change left. For the backers that elected to have their physical copy be a Switch version, will this still happen and will they receive their game on or around launch day?

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Thanks for keeping us up to date with all of this, it may have taken a little longer than most of us wanted, but I’m happy that the update for PS4 & X1 are much closer now. Can’t wait to jump back into the game.

Awesome news!

Now, the burning question… Will backers who upgraded to a physical copy get their copy of the game on release day?

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Yey! Good news indeed. But yeah, I’d also like to know when are we gonna have our physical Kickstarter copies. I mean, we’ve waited this long for the Switch version, a bit more waiting is not gonna kill us… But it feels so close it’s starting to itch :stuck_out_tongue:

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The email says they’re going to try and get the backers their physical copy day one. I hope we get an email with tracking info once they ship.

I admittedly wasn’t aware there was a way to upgrade digital to physical until now. Is there still a way to get a physical version of the game via upgrading my pledge?

That’s what I’m hoping for too!
Can’t wait to finally be able to play on the go!

Great news, really excited for this. Looking forward to finally experiencing it. Thanks for the continuous effort to push for this release!

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Can we please get another update regarding this, I can’t wait to play again after this update!!

So any dates on the console updates? I keep checking back every day for something because I can’t wait :smiley:


I’d like to know too. This is taking a very long time. I think they said it should have arrived last week.

Hey all! The console patches are now live!


yes! I love you Steve…

I mean…thank you very much and to all the dev team. :smile:

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