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Ultimate Joe Madureira Collection!

As promised… here it is… in all its glory. Im missing literally just a couple more books… but otherwise, this collection is pretty huge and ALMOST fully complete. from iPad sketches, comics both direct edition AND newstand editions, variants, mags, sigs, prints, books, trades, cards, backpacks, …tattoos, its all there…

ill go through and post a list of missing stuff (since it would be immensely easier to list what i DONT have lol) a little later… but for now… ENJOY! (also… get used to my overuse of ellipsisisis… …i use them alooooooooot XD)


Impressive collection!

Got me beat by a longshot.

Wow, that is a ridiculous collection. I think I have a few you don’t have (or just didn’t list)… Captain America: Steve Rogers #3 variant cover, Darkstalkers Foil Covers (#1, 3 and 4), Street Fighter #0, #0 Black Foil, #13, and some of the PSM covers (Street Fighter, Resident Evil, etc)

Glad to see there are a few other huge Joe Mad! collections out there.

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Yup, those are ones i still need, tried getting the rarest out of the way (the xin museum edition ive never seen again) but that steve rogers is the next on my list, then Akira 38 (joe did an akira pinup for that issue)

after that its just a matter of tracking down the rest (those darkstalkers foils, and the streetfighter foil variants and the rest of the magazines im missing)

But aside from that, im pretty much done… Im thinking ill have to start tracking down foreign comics and mags next… Lol

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That’s an awesome collection, good on you!

WOW! And I thought I was a fan…

great collection man. I have a Battle Chasers T-Shirt from the 90’s. I’ve only worn in 3 times cause I wanted it to stay fresh.I had no idea he did some of those books.

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Mine went the other way, became so threadbare that you could barely see the artwork on it anymore. I loved that shirt!

WOW! You sir deserve my respect. I cant stand to keep my foil Darkstalker even in the bag it’s so pretty! Also check out my limited edition Iron and Maiden print #50 out of 50 (got lucky)

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Damn! Those are cool, i havent seen that print before, the darkstalkers ones are really cool… I keep hoping all the random shops i go to have some… But looks like ill be picking them up from udons online shop (they still have them plus the street fighter variants)

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Starts at $10 a piece

Haha i literally just checked that ebay listing… Soon they will be mine

Crazy prices, online value is $13 but the only single issue auction is over $100

I’ll post my collection soon. I have pretty much everything but a few and a couple originals too…I used to run btw.


Hey Nate, you and I basically owned the web for all things Joe Mad related during his career :smiley: Glad to see you on here. You must also be excited for the game.

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Haha omg, the joemadfan and mikemcmahon websites… I lived on those sites for years… Nice to see you guys here!

Gotta see those collections!!


I recognize your tag Soma haha! It’s awesome seeing all the fans here

Yeah, I ran the site for like 10+ years but had to close it down when I lost my job just couldn’t keep paying for it.

Definitely excited for the game and really looking forward to the art book.

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Wow man, that’s an outrageously impressive assortment - it’s like a history of Joe Madureira’s work.

I have substantially all of the Darksiders memorabilia, but none of it is signed.

I hope to see more Battlechasers stuff now that the game is coming out and should most certainly show that Kickstarter games aren’t all Mighty No. 9.

I’m a joeMad fan too!
I do my best with :wink:
I totally understand that cost of being Joe Mad Fan (Not only money but also time consuming)
… for our greater pleasure of course! :star_struck: