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"ultimate collector's edition"

I backed this KS campaign almost exclusively for the art book and now that I have it in hand, I honestly feel like I’ve been totally ripped off. This is without a doubt, the worst element in the entire level and the $200 I pledged for now feels like a complete waste considering I can get the game for $30 on steam (at full retail). $170 for a 2 color tee, a boring map and a tiny dented poster in addition to this sad waste of an art “book” is really a shame. Joe Mad’s art should be celebrated, not shat onto a stack of small napkins.

Please make a real art book. Please tell me this is just a taste of the real book that’s coming later. Please tell me anything other than this is what I waited all this time for…


Completely agree. I just wanted the art book. I expected it to be like the art of Darksiders book. I feel kind of bummed, they kept their word in the cheapest laziest way possible.


I’ve been waiting since before May to get my refund and neither Support at their email address nor @strangelove have been arsed to get back to me. I’m not a Kickstarter Backer either and I want my money back. A studio run by scammers it seems.

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I don’t have my rewards yet but i see a lot of people pay a Ultimates Collectors edition and the artbook SUCKS so much. 225$ for this? REALLY? JOE MAD i follow you since marvel when you was young. My comic style have much inspiration of your work. This is my first time paying something in KS because it was made by you. YOU CAN’T give us this shit. 225$ IS SO EXPENSIVE TO MUCH OF US that we trusted in you.


Yeah we fucked up the art book. We’re going to reprint it at a larger size and reship. Getting quotes now to start the process.


Thank you! I’ve waited over a decade for more BC content, I can wait a smidge more. Please don’t forego quality though. The game is great, the art is why we’re all here. The art book is what we all backed it for to appreciate it all so it’s really important to us. I’m really glad you see that. Godspeed!


But you’ll only reprint the book or you’ll put more images and concepts?



It was 2015 when the ks campign launched. And as many others this was my one and only ks- because of Joe! I love your art and I love Battlechasers. But what I received today (24.8.2018) -3 years after I supported the campaign- was and is a big WTF moment!
Seriously WTF!!! There is NO physical copy of the game included -sure I received the digital code and this is nice and all, but digital shit doesn’t count for a games collector.
The Artbook-man, I am so disappointed and angry. All the money for this small piece, which other games has in their day one edition?! You did it right with the Darksider games. Hardcover would be nice and more the 40
Pages…seriously guys…this just isn’t right and looks to me like a real rip off…
I am glad, that you will make this right. Hopefully.

The map itself isn’t the burner (it’s a dish towel) either and the shirt is also more mehhh then yeah (nothing I would wear with proud on a con). I paid a lot of money for all these items and I would really love to see that you appreciate this support as we did when we we first time saw the ks campaign.


I pledged $210 for the “Ultimate Collectors Edition” and each of the physical rewards have the approximate values (IMO):

t-shirt: $10
map: $1
poster: $1
art book: $1

The rewards were estimated to be delivered December 2016; but it’s been nearly two years later and the rewards are cheap - this is a reflection of Airship’s reputation (SLOW and CHEAP).

IF there’s going to be another (upgraded) art book (which I really doubt, seeing how cheap Airship has been), then I hope it’s comparable to the Darksiders art books (8"x11" and 250+pages), and also DON’T wait years to send them out; get them printed and sent out QUICKLY to make up for the cheap art books. The longer you wait, the more negative your reputation will be. This isn’t a threat; the fact is that people will have a sh**tier opinion of Airship if you wait 1+ years to send out replacement art books - you’ll reinforce your reputation for being slow and unprofessional. The sooner you send out upgraded, replacement art books, the more likely you’ll be able to win back your supporters. By shipping out new art books quickly, it’ll show that you value the support of your customers, and that you’re improving as a company.

Also, if there is going to be replacement art book, then make sure that it’s MUCH better than the 5"x7" art book that you produced. If you’re only going to add a few more pages and enlarge it to 8"x11" then don’t bother. People were expecting Darksiders-like art books, not thumbnail art books; so adding a few more pages to the 30-page art book isn’t going to cut it. Make the new art books comparable to the Darksiders art books. Not only will this make supporters happy, you (Airship) will have a nice collectible art book to display your work for everybody to see. The new art book should be an example of the amount of work you put into your games - so make it IMPRESSIVE.


Same here, backed the “Ultimate Collector’s Edition” mainly for the physical ArtBook, given how truly awesome the artbooks for Darksiders both 1 & 2 have been!! Those are like the bibles as far as artbooks go, the content in it is beyond what can be dreamt of.
Than you see the update for this flimsy artbook that barely scratches the surface. Feeling ripped off when you invested so much going for the Ultimate Collector’s edition.
It will be my first and last time I backed this much money for any of Joe’s ventures. Next time I just pick up the game on Steam.
Love the game beyond words and how it turned out.
Yet the poor subpar handling and respect towards us backers coming with this crappy booklet (for that’s all it is!) , not an art “book” but booklet.


I hope you mean by that that you are going to fill it up with (a lot) more content first and than reprint it!
Us backers deserve at least that much respect.
And if you are unsure on what to add?
How about all (!!) the creatures created for this game, how about the entire cutscenes frame by frame (!!) instead of merely showing one still from each cutscene.
All the pencil variants you guys did to come to your final choice.
Why not show all the fishes variants WITH their stories you created for they are beautiful.
More environments backgrounds, for example the houses of the different npcs our heroes talk to.
The different armor types, all of them variants.
please don’t come back with anything less than 200pages worth of an ArtBook. (not booklet)


This kick starter disgusted me… It was only disappointment after disappointment. The Kick Starter was 3 years ago!! We should have the rewards since 2016 !!! We had the game AFTER it was in shop… I have spend my money essentially for Joe Mad work! Because I loved Darksiders and Joe mad comics work… But now I’m so disappointed… I can’t play this game without thinking about this mess!


I’m sorry for my English - A french Backer


the art book is a shame


I don’t have words for that garbage that arrived yesterday. I really thought that the artbook were robbed by the post as I’m in Brazil. My mistake, I was ROBBED THE TIME I PUT MY MONEY ON THIS PROJECT! Dish towel Map, a horrible tshirt and a minimal A4 “poster”!? Even with precaution knowing Joe Madureira has a history on bail project, despite his amazing talent, I decided to back this project. To whom concern, BattleChasers rumors say that as Madureira’s Personal Project, BattleChasers is great but until today the comic in incomplete as a lack of focus and discipline. Until today I was hopping to be amazed. But now I’m amazed by the total lack of commitment with the fans / backers who supported the project. The game is amazing, and I could had spent only $30 to have this game on launch day. But I spent $225 on a great game and a shitty extras. NEVER AGAIN!!! PS: PLEASE, LEARN FROM A GREAT COMPANY: SUPERGIANT GAMES.


Today I received my Package “Ultimate Collectors Edition”… I feel completely ripped off. When I saw Joe Madureira do a video game about BattleChasers I wanted to contribute as much as I could. $200 I spent on their rewards including:

1 - Battle Chasers: Nightwar limited edition
2 - High-quality T-Shirt;
3 - Physical copy of the Battle Chasers: Nightwar art book
4 - Cloth map of the Lost Vale printed on authentic flour sack cloth
5 - Limited edition 11x17 print featuring the key art from Nightwar;
6 - and your name upgraded to Hall of Paladins on!

And this MOTHERFUKING SHIT is what I received:

OK, lets go in detail:

1 - Battle Chasers: Nightware Limited Edition
Limited WHAT? Where’s my limited edition? I paid 200$ and I don’t have a poor physical GAME? Limited what? WHAT??

2 - High-quality T-Shirt
No man, this is not a HIGH-QUALITY… this is a normal tshirt. Besides, I’m sure if I wear the T-shirt it will get undone with the contact on my skin. I understand this is just a photo, but the touch is very ugly. I personally wouldn’t pay more than $5 for this shirt. In addition to the promotional image of KS, the shirt was white with the logo of Battlechasers in Orange (the original logo, not this shit)

3 - Physical copy of the Battle Chasers: Nightwar art book
This shit is the “artbook” they promised us. A “Artbook” compared to the currency of my country, the EURO. See how ridiculous the book looks? At the zoo in my city I am given a larger book and many more pages just to visit the zoo. FREE. NO COMMENTS.

4 - Cloth map of the Lost Vale printed on authentic flour sack cloth
Look at this, man! This is not a dishcloth I bought in a pack of 6 rags for $2 No. This is the so-called Battlechasers map in flour sack fabric. I could clean my windows with him and I’m not sure they’re too clean.

**5 - Limited edition 11x17 print featuring the key art from Nightwar; **
This so-called Limited edition brought a poster. Well, this poster is the same image that came out in 2016 and that everyone has seen, and you can find in FULL HD anywhere on the Internet (I myself had that image as wallpaper on my PC) and in any store you can print for less than $2. This is absurd.

JOE MADUREIRA AND AIRSHIP, YOU SUCK. You suck a lot. I was a really fan of JOE, i’ve 32 years old and i meet the art of Joe when i’ve 15. You was one of my favourites artist, but now, you betrayed me… me and lot of people that we trusted you. I’M REALLY ANGRY ABOUT THIS SHIT.

I hope an apology on your part and wou will solve all this, but I will send this scam to all web pages of video games to see what kind of shit company is AIRSHIP and how it treats their “backers”. Kotaku, Gamasutra among others. And do not worry, I have taken screenshot of all messages if you decide to delete them. Greetings.


same here… i was less aggressive in my comment because of the happiness of the finally arrived reward pack. BUT you are totally right man… And i can assure that after 3 uses the t-shirt was already ruined. It became grainy for the most.

Is there any news or is something known about shipments to Europe? I am one of the bakers of the Ultimate Collectors Edition and I have not yet received any physical reward: no shirt, no art book, … Are there European bakers who have already achieved it? This is frustating. I´m from Spain.

¿Se sabe algo de los envíos a Europa? Soy uno de los mecenas de la Edición Ultimate y no he recibido ninguna recompensa aún: ni libro de arte, ni camiseta,… ¿Hay mecenas europeos que hayan recibido sus recompensas? Esto es frustrante… Soy de España.

Hello. I was just wondering if there has been any update on when the Mini Sketchy Editions are being sent out. I have been waiting for a very long time and hope for some answers soon.

+1 here :slight_smile:

Hey all, original poster here and I’m happy to say I got my remade art book (along with some genuinely beautiful stickers). Hope you all get it soon! Now to just wait for the BC comics xD