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Ultimate Battle Chasers Collection

Quick look at my (complete) Battle Chasers comic collection, right down to all variants, hardcovers, trades, softcovers, and a few prints, and wizard magazines…


I have to say I’m envious. Really nice.

I haven’t had the opportunity to have anything signed by Joe, but it would be a treasured piece if I could.

Very nice collection! :fire:

Very impressive! Did you pick this all up as it was coming out or did you collect it after?

Mostly as it came out fortunately, a few of the variants, and trades i found later… But yeah… Ive been waiting ever so patiently for a BC comeback… Its paid off!!

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Dude, I’m jealous… this is a really extraordinary collection!

After playing the demo on Gamescom and seeing this now, I know that Monika will be my favorite character xD
(I haven’t read the comics yet - I guess the game will tell the story from the beginning, right?)

I have a similar collection, minus the Joe Mad! autographs :slight_smile: