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Typos in Lore entries

So I’ve noticed one or two typos in some Lore entries as I’ve been playing and figured on mentioning them so they might get fixed at some point. Anyone else finds any be sure to tack them on here.

  1. Iron Outpost - Impenetrable - The Calm entry: “Some of the men have begun whispering about bandits and monsters. Knowing what I know of past deserters, I’d say the cause to more likely wenches and flagons of mead then monsters and bandits.” Seems like that should be like “I’d say the cause to more then likely be wenches and flagons of mead then…”

  2. Junktown - Jaredd’s History of Junktown - The Turn: “…deals behind closed doors, and intimation pushed away honest traders…” I believe that is supposed to be intimidation. [Also on a side note, is that supposed to be Jaredd with 2 d’s?]