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Typing error in german translation - 6. error (updated Sep 10, 13:33 MEZ)


I found a typing error in the german text version. At the description of Garrison’s combat ability ‘Heart Bleed’ the description say: “…53 Schaden < color=#ffff33>Bluten…” (see also screenshot).

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Thanks @Spookie22, we’ll take a look at this! Appreciate the report. :smiley:

  1. Typing Error


Description of Knolan’s cambat ability ice blast: “…seine Eile um 10% vermindert…”

Description of the buff at the target: “Vermindert die Eile um 1%.”


  1. Translation error german text


description error in the following items:

English version: "Large Fish Chunks - Large chunks of rare fish. Can trade in 5 Large Fish Chunks for 1 Shadow Coin at the Fish Monger."
German version: “Große Stücke von seltenem Fisch. Beim Fischhändler können 5 Kleine Fischstücke für 1 Schattenmünze eingetauscht werden.” - it should be “5 Große Fischstücke

English version: "Medium Fish Chunks - Chunks of unsommon fish. Can trade in 10 Medium Fish Chunks for 1 Shadow Coin at the Fish Monger."
German version: “Mittelgroße Fischstücke - Stücke von ungewöhnlichem Fisch. Beim Fischhändler können 10 Kleine Fischstücke für 1 Schattenmünze aingetauscht werden.” - it should be “10 Mittelgroße Fischstücke

Hi there,

I want to add german typos here instead of creating a new thread:

Language Selection >> Deutsche >> should be Deutsch

There also is a minor grammar mistake in the intro, but I guess nobody will care or even notice it…


For your information, the same color code also appears in the french translation.


  1. Typing error german translation


if i use the item ‘Devil’s Spine Tripel’, the buff at the characters say ‘Will be exhausted when the buff exxpires, reducing Haste by 10%.’
The german text is ‘Ist nach Ende der Stärkung erschöpft, was die Eile um 1% vermindert.’. The text should be also 10% in the german text version. It’s the same at the item ‘Harm’s Spezial’.

Furthermore the naming of the buff text of item ‘Clucker’s Hot Wing’ is overlapping itself in the german text version. Additionally, the item description of ‘Clucker’s Hot Wing’ listed ‘32 Piercing Magic damage to the user with each hit’, but in the buff text (english and german) it’s only '21 Piercing Magic Damage.

  1. Error german translation/ Spoken and displayed text

Hi all,

in the german version I found a difference between the spoken and the displayed text. After the boss fight in Junktown Monica says to Knolan: ‘Du solltest Dich ausruhen.’ But the displayed text is: ‘Du brauchst den Rest’.

Furthermore, in the Bestiary you can find information about the ‘Drops’, in the german text you can find information about ‘Auftreten’. It should be ‘Beute’.


Sorry for bumping an old post, I didn’t want to open a new thread. Here are some screenshots of errors in the German Translation:
The buff name isn’t translated.

There’s a space missing between “ein” und “Glas”

Color tag is showing

It should say “Zwingburg”, not Strongmont.