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Try to get featured on Nintendo's social media channels

This is probably only interesting for the devs. I know there is a lot to do during the crunch phase of development, where you are busy with fixing bugs left and right. However I read today, that the Indie game “Wonderboy: The Dragon’s trap” sold more copies on Switch than on PS4, Xbox and PC combined. ( ). Reason for that is surely the still low number of AAA releases on that platform. So Discoverability > install base obviously. However, that being said, I have not yet seen any trailers in Nintendo’s Nindies showcase and probably won’t in the upcoming Nintendo direct on Wednesday. Which is unfortunate. Your release date in October is actually pretty good, if it can be done then, as there the big games are coming end of October and in November. Maybe you should give them a call and ask what is required for them to feature your game in their trailers more.