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Treasure elementals - Iron Outpost

There is a room in the Iron Outpost with 3 treasure chests.
Two of them are treasure elementals and one is a real treasure chest.

Before trying to open a Treasure Elemental chest, I read the book.
The text tells the story: “The thief or the king?”

When trying to open the chest at the bottom it appeared to be a treasure elemental.
I walk up to the treasure elemental and the battle commences.
After I defeated the treasure elemental, he did not disappear from the dungeon and I found myself in a second battle with the same treasure elemental.
The exact same situation happened when trying to open another treasure elemental in that room.

Platform: PC

Hey there! Very sorry you ran in to this during your Iron Outpost run! We’re looking in to why this issue may be occurring still. Thanks so much for your report! Will help while we investigate. :slight_smile:

No worries, it actually helped me get my beast perk since I was overleveled for that dungeon ;).

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