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Tolkas Arena Missing Rewards

I attempted the arena and completed the level 9 Recruit difficulty. I received 165 battle marks but I did not receive ANY rewards.

In fact, as i was receiving my experience from the victory window, I could see that in the background the match seemed to have started all over again because I saw my party facing off against some bats and spiders. After receiving my exp points and pressing continue, I was booted out all together and into the world map. I checked my inventory and the items were missing. I entered the arena and saw the rewards were already marked off as completed.

I love the game and have been looking forward to it since I backed it, but I do not plan to continue until this is resolved. I do not want to move on without receiving the “Chain of Prosperity” and Calibretto’s “Volcano”.

I just had a similar bug on PS4. Doing the level 17 arena cus I’m trying to get the scroll of major importance (Tenets of the Blademaster) at 500 marks. When I killed the halfway boss the arena just ended. I still had lots of time left too. In the end screen it said I had 476 points, which is accurate but then in the rewards screen it said I hare 782? And no rewards either. Seeing that I didn’t want to lose out on getting the important scrolls I rolled my save back.