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Tips for Sky Pirate hunting

Finally managed to track down and kill Sky Captains Flintlocke and Shanker along with High Captain Blothe for the Big Game Hunter, No Parley, and platinum trophy on the PS4. It was the last thing to finish off after already beating the game in NG+ so I thought I should share some tips for this for those of us still having trouble finding these bastards.

  1. Steamroll through the Iron Outpost dungeon and complete it (I did it on Mythic difficulty just because.)
  2. Sky Pirate #1 should be flying in directly from the west over the ocean as soon as you pop out of the Iron Outpost.
  3. Blink on over to the Siege Coast and Sky Pirate #2 should be hovering over Junktown or maybe near the tip of the peninsula directly to the southwest of the portal.
  4. Portal on over to the Moors and Sky Pirate #3 should be lurking around somewhere. I’ve found him over Strongmont, near the Stonegrove Ruins, and even as far west past the two lakes there. Best to be on the safe side and check everywhere in the Moors.
  5. Fast travel to the Central Wintervein station and Sky Pirate #4 should be flying towards you from the north from the very last area of the game. I’ve also found him directly northwest.
  6. Rinse and repeat as needed.

For me, at least, the RNG to make the Sky Captains pop was completed screwed up. The bestiary says that I’ve killed 31 Sky Lieutenant Outlaws, 28 Sky Lieutenant Bruisers, and 28 Sky Lieutenant Shamans before any of the captains spawned. I didn’t even go hardcore sky pirate hunting until NG+. Oddly enough, the Behemoth was on the second ship I found. As for the Sky Captains themselves, I found:

  1. Sky Captain Flintlocke southwest of the Ironwood Blinkstation between the four winged statues there.
  2. Sky Captain Shanker along with another random lieutenant bothering the Fishmonger in the Siege Coast.
  3. High Captain Blothe near the Pale Cathedral and next to the Northern Wintervale Blinkstation.

Funny enough, as soon as I was thinking about giving up for the night, I found the captains one right after another. I’m guessing the game decided to take pity on me after all the time I’ve sunk into this. Hope this helps.

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