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Tips and discoveries *spoiler*

Heya guys!

Thought it might be fun to share tidbits and secrets different people may have discovered during the beta, and pool our knowledge!

Please note that most of these are random encounters, that have a chance of appearing.

Dead Heart
You get that item after defeating the last boss in The Dig. You use it in the last transition area (The southern gate), just before the beta ends, and if you go to the left, you’ll find a new path that leads to a secret treasure chest with some loot in it.

Probably less known, you can also use it in the Banog Cave next to the artillery cannon. You again discover a new path leading to hidden treasure that not only contains some loot, but also a flavor text item, that “in it current state” cannot be used, implying we probably can do some cool stuff with it in the future! Details read as follows:

  • Argeas’ Ruined Bulwark
    This once belonged to Argeas, one of the three that slew Lord Caldeus in the Southern Wilds. Its hallowed nature is said to be able to contain even the vilest of essence. In its current state, it is useless to anyone.

Song pages
I know of two of those pages, no clue what they are doing when you got them all! One (the outro) is available for 50 shadow coins, the other is available in the “video room” in the Pointe Break Cantina in the east, after you powered up a generator next to the machine.

  • Chorus - Ballad of the Hempen Jig
    This is a part of a musical sheet to the sea shanty “Ballad of the Hempen Jig.”

You’ll also receive a treasure map note. See below for more info on that!

Mech repair
Also in the Pointe Break Cantina, you come across some damaged mechs. There is a note telling you what’s needed to repair them. The OEM energey cell needs a “mana infused deep iron ingot” you can craft later on (Go to Welt near The Dig after unlocking the dungeon, he asks you to find mana infused ore (which can only be found in the Dig). If you turn in enough of them, he finishes his pickaxe and teaches you how to refine the ore into ingots, and some recipes that use them. He gives you 100g for each ore you bring him until he finishes his pickaxe) and a “Wild Elemental Shard”, origin TBD as of yet. Also needed is a “high powered core” which most likely refers to the S.U.Z.I.E. mech (see “Junk Town” section).

Special buff food
At the bar in Pointe Break Cantina, the barkeep sells some special buff food to you. Has better stats then the normal buff food from what I could tell.

Fish monger
He turns your fish into shadow coins. He chills in the top right of the north eastern area.

Fire Lord’s Amber
Once you defeated the first “Hunt” boss, you will receive this item. It will let you light anything a flint would light up, with infinite uses.

Air ships and mini bosses
You will start seeing them after a certain point in the game, and after certain conditions are met (TBD), minibosses (e.g. a behemoth) will spawn in certain areas also.

3rd hunt boss "Voice from below"
Ok this one is a bit more difficult to get to (more than lighting some torches or walking into the inn cellar), and you’ll need the following:

  • 1600 gold (no worries, you’ll get it back after defeating the Slime King)
  • 2 food items
  • Scummy grog
  • A ladder

The last two items you’ll get from the Pointe Break Cantina and Junk Town respectively.

You will find the boss in the “Southern Gate” area where the beta ends, to the left down a well.

Treasure maps
You will find different treasure maps, that indicate a general area on the world map. You found the spot when a “???” appears, and you have the interaction icon.

  • Important note: If a “lesser enemy” stands on top of the location, you will not get the prompt to dig the item up, unless you kill that enemy first. Thus if in doubt, kill everything in the general area. :wink:

Buff well
The well at the eastern exit of Harm’s Way can be used to “feel refreshed.”, after you have been down in the sewers and repaired the pump. Usable once per day for a random buff.

Empty vessels
There is a “Vessel of War” in the Path of Fangs, and a “Vessel of Glorious War” in The Dig (an upgraded version). Collect them, kill 10 enemies and return to the altar for a reward. Seems to be bugged in some instances, even when doing a full dungeon with it.

Weapon upgrade dungeon boxes
Not sure how these are called, however in some dungeons you can place a green or blue weapon in the box, to upgrade it to its purple version. It will disappear and then reappear in another part of the dungeon, before you can loot it.

  • Tip: Clear the dungeon first, use the box and then go look for it, so you don’t have to use a sub-par weapon while looking for the upgraded one.

Secret Boss Quess’Vala
Snuff out 3 torches in close proximity to one another. Game will tell you that “darkness in encroaching” on you. Spider boss comes down to attack you. Drops gold and an artifact.

Well handle
An item you loot somewhere (cannot recall), can be used on the well to get “Timmy’s note”.

The Gambler
Not sure if in other dungeons as well. you can gamble for a 50/50 chance to gain or lose 50 gold. You can also attack him. When defeated, you’ll get “Cheater’s Ring”, increasing gold found in combat by 10%.

Collapsed Mine Tunnel
You can select the outlines of a “deliberately collapsed tunnel”, however as of now there seems to be no way to interact with it.

Lycelot storyteller
There is a very eloquent Lycelot in the dungeon, telling you a story. If you listen closely and tell him that the chieftain was born “under a new moon” and that “he didn’t mention which clan”, he’ll be pleased that you actually listened and reward you with a boon.

3 convicts in cages
You can only free one, for different rewards.

  1. First Guy - lights a lamp in the same room, to unlock a treasure chest, also in the same room. Treasure is regular materials loot.
  2. Second Guy - gives you the Prisoner’s Map, which talks about a path west of Path of Fangs to a treasure. Was unable to locate thus far.
  3. Third Guy - says they buried treasure somewhere in the dungeon. Freeing him reveals sparklies just to the right of the treasure chest in the same room. 250 gold reported.

S.U.Z.I.E. mech
In Junk Town, there is a mech called S.U.Z.I.E. that you can repair and give an order. I asked it to spread peace and love, upon which it exploded, but left a new breast plate for Calibretto. :wink: Also we get the following, most likely to be used to repair another mech (see “Mech repair” above):

  • S.U.Z.I.E. Core
    This core acts as a reminder of the sad fate that befell poor S.U.Z.I.E. Maybe it can be used to give life to another mech…

There are several generators or antennas (or something) in Junk Town that needed a power cell to activate. Once you powered all of them, the last one will trigger a loot chest air drop, don’t let it hit you!

Gargoyle puzzle
A gargoyle with a blue eye and an empty socket sits close to an underground lake. You will find “fragile” stones nearby. You need to insert the green one (emerald) into the empty socket to solve the riddle, and unlock a treasure chest area where the lake used to be.

3 blue torches
There are three different torches to be lit to receive a ring (Ring of the Eternal Blue Flame), the torches differ from the usual ones by their bluish flame.

There’s a grave and nearby a journal with information. Reading reveals a hidden ring near the gravestone (Moss Covered Ring of Life).

4 runestones in a circle, clockwise activation, fire is currently active as shown when you inspect the runes, so you hit moon, then water. Rewards with random loot.

Let me know what you stumbled upon, and I’ll be happy to update the thread!



Hi, You can create the “Mana infused dark iron bar” at some point, but I am missing somthing else. “Wild Elemental Shard” do you have that part?

I believe that if you get them all a “Power cell” then the last one will projectile(don’t let it hit you :slight_smile: ) a box with some loot for you

-listens intently- :slight_smile:


Thanks orentt, updated the points!

Do you have to upgrade the smithy with 5k gold to get that mana infused recipe?

Steve, this would go much quicker if you would share your knowledge, being a constructive part of the community and all! :smiley:

The only one I didn’t upgrade was the 5K smithy. If I remember correctly I got the ability to create one from one of the books that the stores in town sell. Maybe if I upgrade the smity he will have the “Wild Elemental Shard"
I have a feeling that its some kind of hard to get drop from a monster but its probably beyond the beta part.

Curious, I bought all the books I can, but the basic white enchantments. Haven’t upgraded flask vendor and smithy a 2nd time yet.

Also updated details and proper names above as much as I can!

  • secret boss I just found!

It needed me to kill 10 enemies. Not sure what reward it gave me. I didn’t notice any

In Path of Fangs, on Legendary difficulty, I found three convicts in cages. You can only free one of them, and they reveal the following:

1. First Guy - lights a lamp in the same room, to unlock a treasure chest, also in the same room. Treasure is regular materials loot.
2. Second Guy - gives you the Prisoner’s Map, which talks about a path west of Path of Fangs to a treasure. I can’t find the area it is pointing to, but is the one I ultimately chose.
3. Third Guy - says they buried treasure somewhere in the dungeon. Freeing him reveals sparklies just to the right of the ot the treasure chest in the same room. 250 gold for me.

After learning all three, I picked the second guy, but not sure of the outcome yet. You only get one choice, so choose wisely.

Hmm don’t know then. I can just make it. Couldn’t in the past but now I can…
There was the smuggler at the junktown selling some books too…
And there is another workshop that only works once you defeat the fire secret boss…
Maybe it has to do with one of them…
The dark merchant has some books too…
I am saving money with rings and amulets that add money from battles right now and soon I will have 5K for the smity, I will update what changed with him then.

Never had that one on Legendary, I only had the 2 wolf merchants that are brothers and each of them asks you to kill the other for some merchandise but I choose to kill both of them and it turns that each of them had 1/3 of a treasure map and with the 2/3 you can find it with no problem out side of the dungeon.

If I’m not mistaken there’s a Finding Nemo reference near the beginning of Junktown


Upgraded the smithy with 5k, you can use it now to craft items, nothing else yet.

Will run Junktown again to see if I missed something.

Also did the empty vessel in the dig again… entire dungeon + end boss, still not sated. Not sure if bug, or tons of battles needed.

Thanks for the additional input guys, will update original post tomorrow!

Have you returned the vessel?

That’s interesting. I had 2 brothers and they sold me Armor or Weapons, but both also sold the Tomes of Knowledge (three different levels).


Path of Fangs

There’s an old Lycelot who wants to tell you a story, if you decide to listen to him you can get a trinket, Story Teller’s Quill.


There’s an airship with a named mob and company. Don’t know if there are more than one (I hope so, Airship-Steve, mind enlightening us?) but during my first encounter I had bandits as enemy, I fled though, too weak at the time. During the second encounter I had to deal with automatons and as a reward I got an entry in the Bestiary and an item:

The enemies probably depend on where on the overworld you encounter the airship. I hope I’ll see another airship some time.

Well Handle

Iirc, there’s a well in the Iron Outpost where you can attach it to pull something from the bottom, don’t remember what it was though, probably random item.

Vibrant Mana Core

Was needed to activate the blinkstation system.

Yes, I was going to go back to my original post and add that in. He quizzes you twice along the way, I answered correctly both times to continue the story and he awarded the Quill to me.

Oh, don’t know how many know this but you can buy a “Fairly Dignified Tophat” from the Dark merchant and if you go with this to the Path of Fangs dangon and to the middle part where there is a Lycelot waiting on top then it should trigger something(don’t remember what, this was 20H of play ago :stuck_out_tongue: )

I am doing it right now but forgot which tribe the Lycelot in the story was…Maybe you remember :slight_smile:

Couldn’t return the vessel newy, even after doing the entire dungeon with boss on legendary with the empty vessel.

Also found a new item, a ladder, while going through Junk Town looking for the missing recipe. Recipe wasn’t found. :confused:

Ladder added above, other edits tomorrow then, getting tired. :wink: