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Time for the beta to make way for the full game!

Hey beta players!

Thanks for helping us test out Battle Chasers: Nightwar during our beta. We appreciate all the bug reports and feedback we got from everyone, and we hope you had a great time.

Monday morning we’ll be turning off the beta, so we can start switching things over for our actual launch. Your save files should transfer if you’ll be continuing to play in Steam; you won’t have to do a thing. (If you’re changing to GoG, you’ll need to move your save files from one directory to another; check the forums. If you’re switching to console, sorry, saves can’t follow you there!)

We’re excited to have all of you play the full game! So close!


I can’t wait to play the full game! It’s been a fun journey watching how you’ve all progressed over at airship, I always waited excitedly for the next email update. Congratulations on this people of airship!


I’m glad to be here with you all :smiley:

Will this forum be closed as well?

Can’t wait for full release. :slight_smile: Next weekend will be dominated by Battle Chasers.

Cant wait to stream this game!

@checkinnoob: Nope the forums will stay open.

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I didn’t heard about the BC Kickstarter, so hadn’t the chance to back this game, but as soon as I heard “Joe Madureira + Chrono Trigger”, I bought it immediately from Steam. Counting the days and hours until I can finally play :smiley:

your misspelling of my name made me laugh xD.
Thanks for the reply tho :smiley:

so the beta version has been revoked… yet I seem I have to buy the game once more??? how will you handle the transition from beta to release for us backers?
thanks a ton

You’ll see your selected plaform keys tomorrow

On Tuesday when you visit your inventory, backers who want Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or codes will see their codes! Redemption instructions will be included if you’re unsure how to redeem a digital code.