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This has to be a joke right?

Boss has 3k health vs those with 400 health and doing only 3-400 Damage at best?

I think some lowering is required here

I personally loved the hunts and think the difficulty should not be changed for them. I enjoyed having to think about it and come up with a strat that works. Died once, then came back with a party of 12-12-11 and food and was able to do it no problem.

Cleanse like a maniac. Then use the +60% crit burst and Berserk him twice.

I used Monika there instead of Garrison with her Assassinate and Ambush she totally wrecked him. But ya I can see how that might even outperform my strat nice one.

the hunts are a difficulty spikes - yes. but are do-able after you have ~2 lvl above theirs

Was able to do it with some difficulty granted, by using hp and attack food.
Gully, Monika and Knoland, cleanse a lot and keep using assassinate and ambush with Monika and he went down.
Levels (I think) was 12 Gully, 13 Monika and 10 or 11 on Knoland.

Those hunt are great !

You need a little bit more stuff, maybe 1-2 level more.
(Or you can get some food, enchants)

About difficulty, when characters get their 4th “normal action”, everything become a little bit easier, and you have more tactical choices available.

They are difficult yes. I died 3 times before realizing that sometimes you can’t win every battle!

I also enjoy the fact that they don’t sugar coat it either. The warnings are there if you look for it, if you choose to ignore it, then accept the consequences.

Luckily it only takes a couple more levels and a good strat then you can come back and beat it.

If you want a challenge, go find the Slime King! Guaranteed will make you got wtf the first time you fight it!