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This game's soundtrack is awesome so I covered one song (metal)

Hey guys, what’s up? I haven’t played the game myself, yet, but while watching the trailer I got totally hooked on the track called “The Beginning”. I made a metal cover of it and thought I’d drop it here and see if you guys like it. Let me know, cheers!


This is amazing! When it all kicks in around 1:20/1:30 I got chills. Reminds me of an awesome 90s anime intro. Absolutely love it.

Great cover!

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This is badass amazing cover

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Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

I need to play the game soon, love the art and style.

@TheDrunkenPirate Awesome work, dude!! This some high quality metal!!

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Thats amazing! Love it!

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So cool you guys like it! I’m going to listen through the complete OST and see if there’s anything else I can cover :slight_smile:

This was great, what gear are you using?

I’m using a VGS Stage One Pro 6-string guitar with Seymour Duncan Nazgul pickup,tuned to Asus4, but I’m playing the song in the same key as the original, so I’m playing the entire song a bit further up the neck. I think it would actually sound a bit cooler/meaner if I had transposed everything down one step to utilize the open A string.

Anyway, then the signal goes into my RME Babyface Pro audio interface, and from there I do all the recording, processing, editing, mixing and mastering in Reaper Digital Audio Workstation. In Reaper, I am using a bunch of freeware VST plugins to achieve the guitar tone, but I also have some plugins I’ve bought that I’m using. If you’re interested to know more about the plugins, I can type out a more detailed reply, just ask.

Edit: Of course I also recorded bass guitar, which is a rather cheap Yamaha 4-string with cheap active pickups. The bass guitar isn’t quite as expensive as my main guitar, but it does the job! Same recording chain, straight into my interface and into Reaper.

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That is great, I am a Reaper man myself as well though I use a Fractal AX8 for all my guitar needs and EZ Drummer 2 for my drums. I am still trying to find a good freeware synth VST for my keyboards because I am not good enough to play keyboards myself

That is really cool! Send me a link with your stuff if you have anything uploaded somewhere.

I assume you have searched for a freeware synth VST - there are loads of them, but it might be hard to find one that is really easy to work with. Usually, free stuff is a bit harder to work with than the ones that cost a bit.