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The time is now! call to arms!

Let the Beta countdown begin!!


Um, SIX DAYS! (So does this mean that nobody else will post until somebody calls out “FIVE DAYS” tomorrow?) :wink:

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If I’m ordering on the switch, will I still be able to beta on PC?

Nvm saw the other post explaining. Super excited!

Hello fellow Battle chasers backers,how y’all doing?I personally still can’t believe the quick 2 year turnaround of this immense project after some of the other kickstarters i backed (cannonbusters,shovelknight,stickybones,sithrah,skyheart,mighty no.9 etc.).Good job @Airship_Devs and the rest of the crew.And Joe don’t overwork yourself trying to get out those issues,we wouldn’t want it to take its toll on your love for your baby.Anyways release can’t come quick enough!!


I’m done with early Alphas and in some case Betas. I learned after my 10th-11th alpha/beta test that I got burned out on the process in some cases and the final product could be drastically different than what I ‘tested’.
I post this not as a complaint but as a realization for myself, leading to questions for anyone who might know something about what the developers have planned.

  1. What will the Beta entail?
  2. How long is it projected to run?
  3. Will the game/world change at all from the Beta to final release?
  4. What is the goal (ei bug testing) for this Beta in particular?
  5. Is their a badge/title for being a beta tester?

Happy to be on the forums, thrilled to see what is coming.

Great perspective to go into a beta with, and great questions to ask. I’ve done many beta/alpha tests as well, and I’ve had some games that almost nothing changed from beta to launched product. Those are the more frustrating games for me because it showed a lack of consideration when it came to the beta feedback. That being said, I hope the game does change from beta to launch. Hopefully, not massive swings, but I do hope stuff changes to reflect the community feedback. These are, after all, suggestions coming from paying customers who are going to be the first brand advocates the company creates.

Alpha testing is a totally different beast and huge swings happen during those. At the end of the day, I’m excited to see how this beta turns out and am really looking forward to the game.