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The Switch Version

Is it known how much longer those of us who wanted it on the switch will have to wait ? I googled it and unity looked to have updated yesterday so maybe just a few more days ?

Yeah. I just read the Unity Engine Version 17.2 Patchnotes and found this about the Nintendo Switch:

Native Rendering Plugin support for Nintendo Switch
Other improvements include Native Rendering Plugin support for Nintendo Switch, which enables you to implement low-level rendering and work with Unity’s multi-threaded rendering.

So hopefully this fixes the problem the devs have and they can work on finishing the Switch version. It will take weeks though I guess. The process of sending a release version to Nintendo and getting it certified takes at least two weeks on its own. Then there is a physical version, isn’t it? The release date usually is set so that the eshop and physical versions get released on the same date.

To be honest, I fear we won’t have a soon release. November seems the quickest possible release. I don’t mind though. A lot of fine tuning went into the game by then due to feedback from the other versions. The only problem is that there are so many great games in November, it’s awful. I already plan to play Skyrim and L.A. Noire. I guess I will get around to play Battlechasers on Christmas, lol.