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The spoiler *free* impressions thread

This is the thread to be in if you want to share your impressions on the game and how it looks and how it runs .

Please keep the spoiler talk to a minimum. we don’t want to ruin anything for new players.


Impression from me. Got to play through the first 30 minutes or so after it finished installing… on my laptop!

I have an i3 processor no SSD and 8 gigs of ram (with an intel 3000 graphic card) and somehow it runs very well… even on battery.

I adore the intro animation and the start game sequence was very amusing… so far combat seems fluid and easy to pick up. I am loving it.

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Just played 3 hours and finished the first dungeon. The game is really enjoyable ! No bug, incredible and fluids graphics, maybe more sfx needed for special attacks but anyway, enigmas, fight, talent, items, craft, dungeon… everything for now is really perfect ! japaneses voices are so cool ! I’m so fucking proud to be a backer of this game !

really the only thing not good enougth to me is “ULTRA” attacks (like limit break in FF) after the “comics” animation, you just see you fighter on a black screen and some effects… it’s not sexy. remind me Final Fantasy 12 Limit Break and it’s no a good thing.

This is the only complain for me about the game currently.

Sorry for my english, I’m French


Exactly what Maxildan said, except I’d add I’d love hot keys for the attacks. Like for numpad 1, 2, 3 in each screen so you don’t have to mouse over to each attack every single time (gets repetitive). I can’t play any farther I don’t want to spoil the game for myself.

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so now 5 hours in… I can safely say that the first dungeon I was totally on top of everything (at normal difficulty) and feeling pretty cocky. second dungeon had some hairy moments but i got my can totally handed to me in boss fight #2 … now I am having trouble just fighting the random encounters on the way to dungeon 3… so I think I may need to go try out the first dungeon again on legendary. I am liking this very much so far.


Game is as good as i thought it would be. :slight_smile:

I hope it’s also as long. :slight_smile:
Beautiful graphics, incredible audio, i can already see that late game fight mechanics and richness of the world.

The only downside, for me is that early game level of difficulty. I’ve played for a short time but it was extremely easy to win every fight.

Other than that this game is great.


got to play some last night… hard to fall asleep, then, up before the sun and can’t wait to get back into it. so far, i love it. beautiful, entertaining, fun. thank you very much


Played for 30mins just now.

Wow. Just wow.
I don’t know what my expectations were. Have never played much JRG-y stuff before, but this is blowing me away.
The art and animations are incredible, but so is the UI. So crisp and clear.
Will leave better feedback after more hours.


I am quite enjoying this game so far! I was concerned about the battles being too bland for only having 6 entities on the screen at any given time, but they packed in there so much strategy that its quite challenging! I did get burned with low level characters before the Burst action was available. I got pushed into a corner and couldn’t recover.

Also, I love the lore and the little secrets so far! It really reminds me of a variety of RPGs I have played over the years.

I can’t wait till I dig a little more into this game!


Very happy with the experience so far. Took about 5-10 minutes to get used to the pacing again, after playing lots of ARPG games lately. Was a huge fan of FF7 and very happy with backing this game. Can’t wait to play more. Also I’m happy that since the “beta” is more like an early release, that there will be no wipes! Otherwise there would be no point to playing right now in my view.


yup. the game really hits it’s stride when you hit level 10 or so. I am loving every minute of this.


I’m 9 hours in, just finished Junkyard. I’m definitely hooked already and enjoying my time. The combat picks up nicely the higher level you get and I haven’t truly encountered any bugs so far.

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Balance can be a very tricky thing. I do hope they fix that if you don’t finish a dungeon the regular map spawns do not get harder even if you didn’t complete it.

The game is really excellent.

The introduction to the game is a little bit brutal (“you have gloves, go fight”…)
But maybe something is missing at the beginning beccause of beta.

Game plays perfect on my old computer (GTX780).

I love the leveling system so far, and hope it continue to evolve like that.

And french text traduction is really good…

My only negative so far (4h) is:

  • the lack of different ennemies (Even if it’s the same mob, just changing his color/size/name/strengh could do the trick).
  • Some keyboard shortcut for fight (at least for the 5 most used actions).
  • speed of character out of fight.
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