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The mines dungeon - Teleporter doesn't work in the room with the gargoyle statue

There is a room in the mines dungeon that always(every time I replayed it) has a gargoyle statue in it that you need to put the right gem in his eye for it to drain the water. In this room there is always a teleporter. The teleporter doesn’t work because it says there are still enemies around but I have searched every inch of the room and returned a few times already with Gully and tried to destroy every thing that looks to be breakable but I cant find any more enemies in this room…Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Hi @orentt, interesting that this is happening. I have a feeling an enemy may have spawned in there but is completely out of bounds - thus causing this issue. I’m making some adjustments to enemy navigation in the room right now (in addition to some collision polish). Should hopefully be addressed in the next patch. Thank you for the report!


i had this issue too but also the map showed that there was a chest in the room and i didn’t see one. i even looked in the secret underwater passage to see if there was something i was missing. In the same dungeon i had another room, the one with the three torches puzzle, that said their was a chest and a crafting table and after looking in every corner was unable to find either.

I’m always worried when I miss a workbench/enemy/chest whether it’s a bug or just me not seeing the dust falling to indicate a breakable wall :smiley:

Hi, @AirshipAndy
This is still a problem at the same room…

Thanks @orentt, I’ll take a look at this room and see what may be occurring. It is possible for a mob to be running around the Northern part of the map that’s generally dark. There is of course a possibility a mob may have fallen through the world which would be unfortunate.

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