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The gentlemen **SPOILER**

So i am having this issue spawning this encounter: i have everything needed to turn in so i can get the better version of the top hat and begin the fight, but the NPC just keeps giving me the “isnt it a beautiful day?” dialog. Soon as that happens,i go back to the red grave, check the headstone and it does nothing as expected…but when i go back into the tomb where the staff is, spawns yet ANOTHER staff and it keeps spawning the same staff everytime i talk to that specifc NPC. Is this a known bug?

Hey MjP711, could you message me your save file?

I was able to finally get this bounty done when i switched to the patch beta testing mode. Not sure what i did on there to make it work other than complete and test the event spawn rate in iron outpost that leads into deadwatch. Would you still like the file?

If you were able to complete the bounty, then no. I was thinking about what the issue was and was going to fix your save if you couldn’t complete it.