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The game's ending... (SPOILER)

@Airship guys: Thank you for creating this most excellent game, but I must say that the ending really pissed me off! Fighting C’drall was nice but I really wanted to sink my blade into Verus. Also having the game end with “here we go again” leaves a sour taste in my mouth! Nothing pisses me off more than open endings. I would have appreciated a note telling me to anticipate an expansion or some DLC in the near future, hell a picture of Verus giving our heroes the finger as he sailed away would have added some humor… So is there anything to look forward to?

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Your thoughts on this matter would be highly appreciated.

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There is a Verus scene after the credits

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That doesn’t make up for the open ending, nor is it a promise of more to come! Thing is, this game is a love letter to JRPG’s, and you NEVER get open endings in JRPG’s. I would have likes to at least get a crack at Verus before he bailed.

I’m hoping Verus will be part of another installment of the game via a sequal or dlc and not be place in the comics since i’m sure there are plenty of players that love the game but aren’t big into comics and would like to complete the story on this platform.

here’s hoping Battle Chasers becomes a long lasting turn based rpg franchise. It really deserves it and it’s a genre that needs to be saved and they can do it.

Amen to it being a long-lasting franchise. But I want a DLC to finish this story. The sequel should retell the original story from the comics and go beyond that, while weaving Alumon into it.


This ending felt like a lead-up to the comics… Not another game. And im all for it. I know Joe is getting those out sometime next year, hopefully concludes the first story, then this game sets up the next story (with the big bad being Verus)

Though im for another game, i REALLY want those comics!! Lol.